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March 4, 2016News, PB Internal

The first few weeks at a new job are always exciting, but can also be quite intimidating. My first weeks at PostBeyond were no different. Even though I thoroughly analyzed all of their blog posts, asked about the company culture during my interview, and stalked all of the employees on social media, I think that I only really found out what it’s like to work for the company after the first month or two. As I’ve now survived the test of time and worked as the Customer Experience Specialist at PostBeyond for three whole months, I think it’s the appropriate time to share my experience.

Spoiler alert: I am super happy with my current position, and the experience has exceeded all of my expectations.

Why I Joined PostBeyond

A bit about myself: I came to Canada 4 months ago from Estonia. Before moving to Toronto, I co-founded a company that introduced experimental psychology to the general public. This is where I first learned the business value that social media can have for a company, as the majority of my previous customers were referred through our team members’ social connections.

I had also learned the value of having an online presence when job searching because it helps the potential employer get an overview of your ideas and interests. For these reasons, PostBeyond’s mission of helping enterprises engage their employees resonated with me, and I decided to get to know the company better.

Working in an entrepreneurial environment was also an important factor for me, as I enjoy figuring out new solutions to problems and having a significant impact on the product. During three rounds of interviews, I met four members of the PostBeyond team or my soon-to-be coworkers.

The people who work in startups seem to be similar in their commitment to their work and making a difference. Perhaps this was the reason why I thought that I could easily be friends with any one of the interviewers. It seemed like they all truly believed in what PostBeyond does, and I was happy to join a team that passionate.

What Does a Customer Experience Specialist Do?

While working at PostBeyond I’ve had the chance to conduct research on what drives the usage of the platform and how satisfied our customers currently are, and visualize data usage so that the rest of the team would have an overview of how we are doing, shoot a video for our help center and create user guides. I also work very closely with our product team to see how we can improve PostBeyond for our customers.

I like working with many different projects and challenging myself with managing my time. This variety makes me feel excited about starting every new week at work.

What is PostBeyond’s Culture Like?

Positive and Friendly

My new coworkers made me feel very welcome by sending me greeting emails, inviting me for lunch, and cheering when I reported on my first day at work, In fact, I’ve noticed that celebrating small wins and applauding each other is something that’s rarely in short supply here.

When I read through the conversation the team had previously had on Slack, I was surprised at how positive and supportive the team members were towards each other. As a data geek, I decided to count some of the words in the group chat:

PostBeyond slack


We have many unique and efficient practices that I would encourage other companies to implement. For example, instead of long meetings, the team gathers three times a week for exactly 9 minutes to celebrate recent successes, review key metrics and talk about the projects that they are currently working on.


During lunch, I have found myself discussing topics such as how Google Analytics can be used to track down specific clients that have come through social media, and what data should be gathered to measure whether the product is enjoyable for the end user. Our team is consistently excited about the work that we do and we also love seeing how our individual contributions fit into the larger picture of our mission.


I was enthusiastic to contribute from the beginning. When my mentor Stephanie saw this, she then asked me what projects I’d like to start with, rather than assigning tasks to me. Even though it was only my second day, I was trusted to make independent decisions. This motivated me to do my best work. By the end of the first week, I wrote a report on the most common problems our customers face when using the product. I am now inspired to work on even more challenging projects in the future.


To work well as a team, it’s important to know your coworkers. During my first week, I enjoyed getting to know the team over an office potluck and playing foosball during lunch. Fun breaks help to clear your mind and do more productive work afterwards. I also heard that recently all team members had introduced a couple of their favourite books. Many of these books are now on a shelf at our office. I like how these books give you an idea of what people at our office are interested in and I look forward to similar idea-sharing events in the future.

After meeting with some of our customers, I am also happy because they feel that PostBeyond is solving an important problem for them. Our customers seem to value the product as much as the team does. Simply reading a job description makes it hard to grasp what the workplace atmosphere is like. After my first month at here, I feel like I’ve won the lottery because I work at a place with motivated, passionate and friendly people.

If you’re interested in learning more about working at PostBeyond, check out our careers page.

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  • Stan Puchyn says:

    Hi Madli, cool post!

    I love an idea of 9 minutes meetings. Gives individuals sense of achievement and more time to execute projects.

    Question, you mentioned Google Analytics. What metrics do you use to better understand if clients like your product?

    • Madli Uutma says:

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for getting in touch 🙂 We currently measure how many users share posts and how often they share posts on their social media platforms through PostBeyond. I’d love to discuss this in more detail and hear about how other companies approach this.


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