Inform your strategy in real-time

Measure employee advocacy performance, prove ROI, and make insightful decisions on how to scale your program with real-time reporting and analytics.

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Analyze your employee advocacy performance

Tired of manual data entry and spreadsheets? On the PostBeyond platform, you can access an array of in-depth analytics and reports, segmenting the data to see which specific posts, users, or social networks are moving the needle.

Analyze your employee advocacy performance

Tie single social posts to real outcomes

Track results on how employee advocacy impacts your marketing efforts, from social share to customer. PostBeyond integrates with marketing automation and analytics tools using UTM and CID parameters to provide the insights you need to close the loop on attribution.

Tie single social posts to real outcomes

Access richer data with integrations

Connect PostBeyond with the analytics tools you already use to power your marketing efforts.

Website Traffic and Conversions

Use UTM or CID Parameters to determine the direct impact of employee social posts on your website. Identify how many people visit your site, what content they love, and which pages convert visitors into leads.

Attribute Leads

Our integration with HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo allows you to track qualified leads and attribute results to the specific content, marketing campaign, social network, and employee that generated the lead.

Access richer data with integrations

Benchmark results against peers

How does your program performance compare to similar companies? Get access to benchmark metrics to see measure results relative to others in your industry, use case, or company size.

Benchmark results against peers

“As an administrator, the level of analytics available in the backend is great and I love that it’s available at an overall level, post level, or user level. The UTM parameters that tie into GA allow us to track how successfully we’re driving traffic to our website through these efforts, which is a bonus.”

Julia Woodward | Content Marketing Manager
Julia Woodward content and social media at VTS

Powerful analytics for everyone

Share the data and knowledge. Get detailed reports and dashboards for every member of the team–whether you’re a program admin or individual user.
Program Admin Users

Program Admin


Access to relevant reports and analytics

When you know what’s driving the most value, you can then double down on what matters most.

Post Analytics

Measure performance of each post within a time frame and track metrics like potential reach, clickthroughs and engagement.

Team Analytics

Filter data to measure how specific teams are performing based on social reach, engagement, click throughs and more.

User Analytics

Measure how each individual user is performing in your program. Filter down to uncover how each user is performing based on social reach, engagement, click throughs and more.

Adoption and Usage

Measure the percentage of end-users that have logged into your platform and the number of users that are active in the program.

Simple Exporting

Easily export raw data without waiting for support.

Topics Performance

Track which content topics are getting shared most by your employees and engaged by their connections.

Earned Media Value

Get a detailed view of ROI and calculate how much earned media is generated throughout the program.


Identify specific flagged and prohibited terms or keywords used, and by which employee.

Industry Benchmarks

Compare how employee advocacy performance with similar companies based on industry, use case, and company size.

Boost your social media engagement by 8x

Discover how you can use PostBeyond to streamline your employee advocacy by centralizing your content, employees and analytics in one place.

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