Enable social selling with your sales team

Your future customers are on social and so should your sales team. Activate your sales team to build a strong social media presence and engage customers.

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Centralize on-brand content in one library

Manage and organize all of your pre-approved content and distribute it to your sales team. Make it easy for your sales team to find the most relevant content for effortless sharing.

Love the usability of the tool. Our sales staff has taken to it, and maintained a high rate of use.

Centralize on-brand content in one library

Make social sharing simple and intuitive

Empower your sales team to spend more time selling and less time sifting through content. Once the content is shared, our recommendation engine serves up the most relevant set of posts for an efficient sharing process.

It’s a great barometer for us to see the sales reps who are actually using the platform and posting approved content. It allows for our Sales execs to see which individuals are sharing the content and guide the others in the necessary direction.

Make social sharing simple and intuitive

Start more engaging sales conversations

74% of buyers choose the sales rep who is first to add value and insight. In today's selling landscape, the seller that educates their customers first has the advantage. Social sellers can schedule, queue, or publish content to build credibility and start more conversations with future customers.

I would recommend this platform to anyone in the sales industry since it allows you to increase your reach on LinkedIn quickly.

Start more engaging sales conversations

Recognize and reward top sharers

Promote behaviors that lead to sales through gamification and friendly competition. Customize leaderboards with different point systems to maximize adoption, content engagement, sales conversations, and more.

The gamification makes it fun and competitive with your co-workers

Recognize and reward top sharers

Over 100+ companies use PostBeyond to enable sellers on social media

Here’s how leading companies are winning new customers and growing their business.

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Connect to the tools you rely on

Bypass the pains of a siloed tech stack. Integrate PostBeyond with platforms like Salesforce, Marketo and Adobe Analytics to keep your data and tools in one place.

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Learn how more than 100 companies use PostBeyond to improve their employee advocacy.

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