Activate your employee advocates to drive real results

The PostBeyond employee advocacy platform delivers a seamless, measurable, and scalable way to harness the power of your employees on social media.

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From blog articles and webinars to industry publications – content is the cornerstone for employee advocacy. However, getting your content in the hands of your employees and asking them to share can be a major roadblock. PostBeyond provides a frictionless way for your employees to amplify content across their personal networks so your content gets the attention it rightfully deserves.


Centralize all of your content in one library

PostBeyond provides a one-stop-shop for all of your pre-approved content, making it simple for employees to organize, find, and share on social media.

Create content with a simple approval workflow.

White-label your program to match your brand.

Help your employees take action with suggested copy, branded hashtags, sharing guardrails and more.

Centralize all of your content in one library


Simplify social sharing for your employees

Make content impossible for your employees to miss. Show the most important content to save employees time, allow for easy social sharing and transform your employees into a driving force for your marketing.

Schedule or queue social posts to share on a later date.

Personalized content feeds.

Easily share content on both desktop or mobile devices.

Simplify social sharing for your employees


Promote consistent brand communication

Reduce the risk of employees going rogue on social media with pre-approved messaging, social sharing guardrails, and other support tools. Ensure everyone stays on brand when communicating the brand story.

Help employees to personalize posts with social safeguards.

Provide branded hashtags for specific campaigns and posts.

Suggest specific copy for employees to share.

Promote consistent brand communication


Get real-time reporting for your program

Measure the performance of your employee advocacy program with in-depth reporting, analytics, dashboards and benchmark data. Then close the loop by attributing which employees and content deliver the best results.

Find insight about your advocacy program’s performance.

Integrate with your analytics tools for richer insights.

Optimize your strategy and make informed decisions.

Get real-time reporting for your program

Your trusted partners in employee advocacy

You’re not alone on your employee advocacy journey. Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you drive adoption and engagement. If you’re looking for help on strategies, training and program design then you can count on our Customer Success team.

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PostBeyond customer success team members

Core features to power your employee advocacy

We’re constantly improving our product to make sure it’s powerful yet easy to use. PostBeyond comes packed with a wide array of features that streamline the way you activate employees–and get the results you need.

Featured Posts

Highlight the most important or timely posts to the top so employees won’t miss it.

Content Topics

Manage, organize, and categorize content by topics to ensure every post can be easily located.


Save time by queuing up multiple posts to publish in advance or schedule posts for a specific time and date.

Approval Workflows

Maintain oversight through a seamless content approval workflow. Review and approve post submissions to ensure everything aligns with brand standards.

UTM Tracking

Allow data to flow between PostBeyond and your marketing analytics tools to measure website traffic, conversions, and more.


Recognize and reward employees through gamification and leaderboards. Adjust the points system to drive specific actions and behaviors on social media.

Employee Groups

Segment employees, content and analytics into different groups to match your organization’s structure.

Brand Compliance

Reduce the risk of employees going rogue by providing social sharing safeguards that flag or prohibit unapproved messages before they get published.

Email Newsletters

Organize and deliver specific content right to your employees’ inbox.

Customer stories

How leading companies use PostBeyond for employee advocacy.

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