Global Logistics Company Transforms Their Sales Reps Into Thought Leaders

Industry Logistics & Supply Chain

Location USA

Company Size 6,000+

Within One Quarter

Clickthroughs Increase


Total Interactions


Potential Reach

As a global leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, this organization helps transport items for market-leading companies. This leading company serves customers in a variety of industries including automotive; food, foodservice, grocery, beverage; CPG; manufacturing; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; high-tech and electronics; retail; chemical; publishing, packaging and more.

Known for their expertise and thought leadership, the company wanted to empower their sales team to build their market expertise by sharing content on social media.

Engaging a Younger Audience

Many global companies rely on this logistics leader for their supply chain management solution. The company’s sales team has a very proactive approach to innovative sales and marketing methods. Through their customer interactions, they realized that social media was gaining relevancy amongst their audience. Traditional channels such as cold calling were decreasing in effectiveness and considered an old way of doing business.

After attending many logistics industry conferences, they realized the demographics were getting younger. A lot more people were using social media to talk about the events and they wanted to be a part of the discussions. Their sales team knew their audience was now much more active on social media, so they needed an effective way to get active on social media.

“We realized we had to take advantage of the fact that our audience is on social media and they’re the next generation of the logistics industry.”

– Director of Sales Solutions

Key Business Challenges

  • Engage a younger audience demographic.
  • Provide sales reps with a method to receive and share relevant content.
  • Be active on social media and build a reputation as thought leaders.

The sales team needed a solution to organize content for their sales reps to share on social media. They had to build their reputation as subject matter experts and make sure their audience was comfortable speaking to them as experts.

Why PostBeyond?

With the PostBeyond Employee Advocacy Solution, the company’s sales reps have easy access to approved content that they can share across their social networks. Their program managers now have the ability to curate and distribute industry publications to their sales teams. Also, the mobile application provided an added benefit by enabling access to content while in the field.

“We appreciate how our Customer Success Manager communicates with us to share relevant insights. It’s great hearing a different perspective on our employee advocacy program.”

– Sales & Marketing Leader


Due to the usability of PostBeyond, their sales reps easily understood how to use the platform and even suggest new content. Since the initial launch, they now have several sales reps who are suggesting content which has increased the number of relevant posts for the entire team.

Customer's content library.

By partnering with PostBeyond, the company:

  • Launched an employee advocacy program dedicated to their sales team.
  • Created an organized hub of all content for sales reps to read and share on social media.
  • Improved the program on a consistent basis through insights and data.


Within one quarter after launching the program, the sales team was able to increase their total social reach by 9,958% which lead to over 1,600+ interactions on the brand’s website and a significant lift in earned media value.

  • Total Reach: 9,958% increase
  • Website Click-throughs: 1,293 (+333%)
  • Total Interactions: 1,638 (+338%)
  • EMV: $7,647 (+ $1,017)

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