Why a Centralized Content Library is Your Sales Team’s Biggest Asset

July 8, 2016News, Social Selling

I’ve had the opportunity of working at some great companies since graduating university, but I have noticed that many corporations are still a bit behind when it comes to involving their employees in social sharing. It seems that social media and content efforts are kept within the marketing department, which leaves the rest of the organization in the dark.

For example, my first company was responsible for a hugely successful viral marketing campaign. It was a massive hit with the public, but the incentive for employees to share was overlooked. There were no company-wide emails asking employees to share with their personal networks, which I think is a missed opportunity. In fact, the first time some employees found out about the campaign was from their friends and family on Facebook.

I then moved on to a more sales-oriented role at one of Canada’s largest and oldest companies. They offered training for employees on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract prospects. This was extremely helpful, but I still felt that there was something missing. Our profiles were complete, we were an awesome salesforce, but now what?

This is why I think that having a centralized content library is a huge asset for sales enablement. If you’re looking for your brand messages to travel further, you need to equip your sales team with the right content and encourage them to share it with their networks.

Sales Enablement Fueled by Content

I’ve seen the benefits that the right content has in sales enablement myself in my time at PostBeyond, but in case you aren’t quite convinced, here are a few of my favourite stats around sales enabled content:

  • Nearly 64% of advocates in a formal program credited employee advocacy with attracting and developing new business, and nearly 45% attribute new revenue streams to employee advocacy.  – Hinge Marketing
  • 66% of firms with a formal employee advocacy program credited the program as helping to attract and develop new business, while 44% credited the program with generating new revenue streams.
  • 27% of high growth firms (over 20% revenue growth) reported that an employee advocacy program shortened their sales cycle.
  • 6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often. – Aberdeen Group
  • 73% of Best-in-Class organizations have a centralized content library to help their team sell in different situations. – Aberdeen Group
  • Users of sales enablement content average 69% more revenue growth year-over-year compared to their peers who do not use sales enabled content.

It’s easy to see the opportunity here. If you’ve got a sales team who is already active on social media, who want to maintain a strong personal brand, and who are interested in modern selling techniques, it’s a no-brainer.

But you’ve got to make it easy for them. Too many extra steps can amount to an unnecessarily large time commitment, which won’t be successful with sales teams.

Creating a Centralized Content Library

A single, centralized content hub that simplifies the sharing process can be a sales team’s greatest asset.

Reps are busy constantly prospecting and speaking with clients, so having a platform that shortens the steps to sharing content to their own social networks is important when choosing a content hub. Taking it one step further, the ability to schedule content to a personal queue creates even more efficiencies in an employee’s day, no longer needing to live in the platform to ensure they are socially selling throughout the course of a day.

We have a customer who uses PostBeyond for this exact reason. TheRedPin, a real estate brokerage here in Toronto, has agents who are constantly on-the-go. And because realtors are constantly visiting homes, going to open houses, etc., they don’t have time to 1) source content to share on social media and 2) manually share it each time.

Check out this short video case study that shows how a centralized content library helped their sales team:

I think this is what will separate world-class sales teams from outdated ones. If you have reps who want to close deals faster and have a strong online presence, a centralized content library is the way to go.

If you’d like to know more about how a centralized content library can help your sales team, request a demo here, or get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

And of course, feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments!

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