How to Overcome Employee Communication Challenges at the Enterprise

August 17, 2016Guides, News, Resources

Top talent looks for a work environment that is set-up to help them succeed. What can you do to offer them the experience they’re looking for, while also driving value to the bottom line?

An astounding $7.5B/year is lost to ineffective business applications. Yet 81% of employees seek technology to help connect more efficiently with their peers in the workplace. The trick is finding the tech that can bridge the communication gap and improve efficiencies across the enterprise.

This disjoint is rooted in a misalignment of communications. Managers struggle to get their message across to employees, while employees feel like they’re working in the dark. All of which results in a broken line of a communication between leadership and the pulse of your enterprise – your employees.

Looking at the current state of the workforce, in 2015 millennials represented the largest generation in the US workforce, and that number is only projected to grow. With 58% of millennials expecting to leave their jobs in 3 years or less, there appears to be a disconnect between their own workplace priorities and the priorities of the enterprise.

The consequences of a communication misalignment are devastating. A report led by Weber Shandwick found:

  • Only 42% of employees can explain what their employer does
  • Only 37% understand their employer’s goals
  • Only 25% report that their employer does a good job of keeping them informed
  • Only 24% report that their employer communicates on a frequent basis

It’s not to say that the enterprise work experience can’t be a good one for millennials. It comes down to how you deliver the experience. It’s time to change the way you communicate with your workforce.

Repairing the line of communication between leadership and employees has never been more important than it is right now, and you can’t afford to lose any more talent.

Download our guide to learn more about:

  • Understanding who millennials are and how they expect to communicate
  • How the landscape of employee communications has changed
  • How to embrace the digital workplace and shift communications
  • Solutions that can help solve disparate communications at the enterprise



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