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August 26, 2016Employee Advocacy, News

I’ve been chatting with many communications professionals lately. From what I hear, employees are regularly bombarded with content from a variety of different sources – memos, newsletters, job postings, product updates, company updates, events, industry news – it’s a lot!

As more millennials are entering the workplace, these forms of communications just don’t cut it anymore. They’re used to the consumer experience of social networks, but enterprise apps don’t deliver. It’s a huge problem.

Millennials are only 3 years away from becoming the largest workforce globally. To ignore this would be detrimental to enterprises. They come with certain expectations. If your enterprise communication systems don’t meet their needs, they either won’t use them or will look for work elsewhere that matches their ideals. From a PwC report, here’s what you need to know about millennials:

  • Millennials are the largest generation after the “soon-to-retire” Baby Boomers (Source)
  • By 2020, millennials will be 50% of the global workforce
  • Millennials have grown up with broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media being the norm and expect instant access to information
  • Millennials are the first generation to enter the workplace with a better grasp of a key business tool than more senior workers
  • Millennials tend to be uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures and turned off by information silos
  • Millennials want a management style and corporate culture that is markedly different from anything that has gone before
  • The companies that have already been the most successful in attracting talented millennials are naturally innovative employers who are never restrained by “how things used to be done”

You are constantly competing for the attention of your employees. With all the interruptions that are happening in the digital world, why would an employee pay attention to an archaic communication system?

To learn more about this shift in communication, you can download our whitepaper – “Employee Advocacy: Evolving Enterprise Communications for Today’s Millennial Mindset.

I hope you enjoy this summary infographic. Let me know what you think!

Engage Millennial Employees Communication Technology

Millennial Employee Engagement, Communication, and Technology Stats:

  • Millennials are the largest generation after the soon-to-retire Baby Boomers (Source)
  • By 2020, millennials will be 50% of the global workforce
  • 93% of millennials cited modern tech as a key aspect of the workplace (Source)
  • 81% of employees want access to the newest technology that will help them get their job done over office design, free food, lounge stations, and amenities (Source)
  • 87% of adults always have their smartphone at their side (Source)
  • Some millennials consume more than 20 hours of online content each week (Source)
  • Over 76% of adults between 18-49 years old use social networks (Source)
  • Only 25% of employees say their employer does a good job of keeping them informed (Source)
  • Only 24% of employees say their employer communicates frequently with them
  • $11 billion in revenue is lost every year due to employee turnover (Source)
  • Each disengaged employee costs the organization an average of $10,000 in profit every year (Source)

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  • Well explained Daniel that how globalism, technology, communication and demographic changes would influence the way businesses to operate in the future. This latest stats aims to provide some insight into the minds of millennial employees from around the world entering with better communication and technology that defines the culture of the 21st-century.

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