Core features powering advocacy

PostBeyond comes packed with all the features you use to streamline employee advocacy, in one single platform.

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Centralize content

Manage all of your content in one library, With all of your content in PostBeyond, your employees will always know what to share and when.

Personalized Feed

Each employee can create their own personalized content library by subscribing to different topics. Admins can also subscribe employees to specific topics on their behalf.

Explore Feed

Discover all of the content in your platform within one single Content feed. Filter content by what’s already shared, the latest and top-performing.

Content Topics

Categorize content into topics and allow employees to subscribe to different topics based on relevance.

Featured Posts

Showcase the most important posts at the top of the platform so employees know what are the top priority posts to share.


Read content directly within the platform before sharing, without having to go to another website.

Internal Posts

Provide internal messaging and communication by turning off sharing capability for company announcements, updates or news.


Employees can bookmark and save evergreen content to their own personal repository.


Create a custom newsletter to compile all of your content and deliver to employees right within their email inbox.

Content Expiration Dates

Set start and expiration dates on content to align with campaigns. This will automatically remove outdated content from the platform.

Activate employees

Manage employees and teams to ensure everyone has access to the right content.

Social Sharing

Share pre-approved content, company news and industry publications to the major social networks. Employees can choose to schedule or queue posts on specific times and dates.


Boost engagement and encourage friendly competition with Team Leaderboards. Employees can earn points and climb the leaderboard through different actions such as engagement and shares.

Personal Dashboard

Each employee can access their personal social media performance and insights in one dashboard.

Shareable Link

Give employees one quick link to share information and content directly with their connections.

Recommended Content

Automatically make smarter content recommendations for employees to share, powered by machine learning.

Employee Suggested Content

Employees can find and recommend content they like with their peers in the program.

Auto Queue

Schedule content on behalf of your busiest employees and executives.

AI-powered Content Generation

Create uniquely crafted social posts for employees with your brand guidelines in place and avoid the redundancy often seen in shared posts.

Influitive Rewards Integration

Recognize and reward your employees with enhanced engagement mechanics

Mobile-first platform

Enable a mobile-first experience for your employees with our iOS and Android mobile apps.

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PostBeyond employee advocacy mobile application

Manage Program

The tools that will help you effectively manage your employee advocacy program, scale growth and save time while doing so.

Hierarchical User Groups

Simplify managing large employee advocacy programs by creating groups of employees based on their department, line of business and geography.

Group Segmentation

Create different employee groups to segment specific content and analytics. This will ensure each group sees only the content that’s specifically for them and you’re able to filter reporting for each team.


Customize your platform to match your brand guidelines and colors.

Multiple Languages

PostBeyond supports multiple languages within the platform such as English, French, German and Spanish.

Guided Onboarding

Ensure employees successfully register and get a jumpstart on their social sharing through guided onboarding.

User Invitation

Invite all of your employees to the program through user innovations via link, email or excel file. Prompt unregistered users to ensure everyone is onboard.

Brand compliance

Ensure employees stay on-brand and share pre-approved messaging.

Real-Time Compliance

Ensure employees always share the right content with the right message on social media with the right message. Turn on brand compliance to flag or prohibit specific words and phrases.

Mandatory Hashtags

Add required hashtags to specific posts for employee disclosures or to attribute posts to a marketing campaign.

Compliance Archive

Track and report when employees use flagged or prohibited keywords and phrases. This allows you to archive reports for compliance and train employees on proper social media etiquette.


Connect PostBeyond to the tools that your company relies on.

Open API

Gain access to PostBeyond’s open API to build customized integrations for your needs specifically.

Analytics and Reporting

Sync data from PostBeyond to your marketing analytics and get the full view with your own reporting tools.


Give employees access directly within your communication platforms. You can deliver shareable content to employees in the tools they use most.


Provide single sign-on (SSO) so your users and permission are all managed from one place.

Marketing Automation

Automatically track and attribute leads sourced through social sharing directly in marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and more.


Integrate with CRM to have PostBeyond in the applications where your sales team already spends their time.

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