Banking on Trust: Employee Advocacy in Financial Services


Daniel Ku

Globally, financial services rank the lowest of all industries for customer trust according to Edelman research. This is why leading brands are harnessing their collective employee voices instead of corporate channels.

What’s known as employee advocacy, financial services brands are tapping into their employees’ social networks to reach new audiences, connect with Millennials and improve their brand reputation.

In this webinar, David Lloyd, CEO of PostBeyond and Louise Beirne, Social Media Specialist at MD Financial Management discuss how companies can build trust with their customers and humanize their brands by turning their employees into advocates on social media. For regulated industries, learn how to address compliance, social media policies, and employee hesitations.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Empower your employees to be your best advocates for your brand across social media.
  • Increase your marketing reach beyond corporate channels through employee networks.
  • Develop guidelines and policies to ensure your employees are compliant with regulatory guidelines and on-brand.

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