Employee Advocacy in 90 Days – 72% Employees Sharing & Engaged with Content

Jacob Downey

Do you struggle to get employees to drive your social media efforts? Are most people in your company uncomfortable on some (or most) networks? Wish you could just erase blockers like “I don’t have enough time!” or “I don’t know what to write!”?

Then this webinar may be for you!

Whether you’re running a grassroots effort or are evaluating employee advocacy platforms, this webinar will give you a 90-day roadmap to achieve high employee engagement rates.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

💡The best type of content that employees engage with

💸 How to get your sales team engaged and sharing content

🎯 How to gamify Employee Advocacy without leaving people behind

🚀 Real-life examples of Employee Advocacy program launches

This webinar is only the first episode in our series, “Employee Advocacy in 90 Days.” We’ll use the real-world experiences of our customers to give you tested and actionable insights on how to launch and enhance your employee advocacy efforts.

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