How Fivetran Drove 3x ROI with Employee Advocacy

Dante Kichi

If you’re like most marketing teams then you’re definitely creating a lot of engaging content. But have you thought about enabling your sales team as a content distribution engine?

When employees amplify content with their social networks, they can 5x the engagement compared to brand channels. Putting content in the hands of your sales force can build thought leadership and effective social selling also.

In this webinar, we hosted Jason Harris, Product Evangelist Principal at Fivetran to share their employee advocacy success story and how they’ve generated a 3X ROI through social sharing.

Watch this webinar and you’ll discover.

  • The impact of employee advocacy on organic reach, lead generation and social selling
  • Different ways Fivetran enabled sales reps to actively share content with their social connections
  • How to measure the ROI of employee advocacy

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