From In-Person to Social-First: Activate Your Sales Team on Social Media

Dante Kichi

The value of face-to-face will never go away but recently, the power of engaging customers through social has bubbled up to the surface.

Today, savvy marketers are realizing that a social-first approach is a necessary part of their strategy. While companies are finding ways to replace the plans they had from physical events and trade shows – social selling is now key for engaging buyers.

In this webinar, Casey Hall, Founder of Lumberjack Social and Daniel Ku, Director of Marketing at PostBeyond, discuss how marketing can enable sales teams to adopt a social-first approach and build pipeline when in-person interactions are no longer possible.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn about:

  • Critical shifts in how buyers are behaving digitally and how to engage them
  • How sales and marketing are using social selling to interact
  • What core competencies marketing and sales teams need to adopt

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