How Gainsight Builds Thought Leadership with Employee Advocacy

Dante Kichi

The secret to building credible thought leadership is by positioning your employees as experts.

Gainsight is known as the Customer Success company. They are recognized as the leader in their space and one of the fastest-growing technology companies. To build thought leadership, Gainsight uses employee advocacy to amplify their content through across social media.

In this webinar, we hosted Gainsight’s PR & Social Media Manager, Saphiya Hindeyeh and Senior Director of Solutions & Content Marketing, Zoë Lefeuvre, as they share their secret sauce for launching a successful employee advocacy program.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How Gainsight implemented employee advocacy with hundreds of employees.
  • Best practices and tips on how to activate employees on social media.
  • Key lessons Gainsight learned.

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