How Crises Accelerate the Need for Digital Transformation

Dante Kichi

How should social media and communications leaders respond during a time of crisis?

Social media and digital strategist, Caleb Gardner joins us to share his perspective on why brands must adapt to digital to survive a crisis. Caleb led Barrack Obama’s social media strategy, his 110M Twitter followers, and has had to deal with a range of unforeseen situations in his time.

In this webinar, Caleb and Daniel share insights on how digital is currently changing the world and why building a purpose-driven brand is the number one factor for staying relevant.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn about:

  • What competencies purpose-driven brands need to thrive in a digital-first world
  • Best practices for building a movement and engaging social connections in a community
  • Strategies on how to manage social media and comms during a global crisis

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