Marrying Sales and Marketing through Content Curation

Dante Kichi

Sales and marketing, in practice, can seem like they’re at odds, with different goals and priorities. In the past, the differences were manageable because these two groups didn’t overlap very much. As boundaries between different functions evolve and merge through technology integration and digital communications, marketing’s role needs to be expanded to:

  • Identify content marketing that can be part of the sales process
  • Brainstorm specific marketing programs that can aid sales negotiations
  • Integrate sales and marketing through content curation and advocacy

During the webinar, Pam Didner, B2B Marketing Consultant, Author of Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the Modern AI Marketer, discusses how to identify and leverage existing marketing elements to support sales.

Watch this webinar and you’ll be able to:

  • Align your content marketing with sales needs in mind
  • Customize content for social selling and advocacy
  • Map content easily between sales and marketing

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