State of Employee Advocacy 2022

State of Employee Advocacy 2022

All marketers love data. For brands that rely on detailed customer behavior data and insights to guide their content and employee advocacy strategies the last few years have changed the game completely.

Understandably, the pandemic brought about many changes following the recovery, and the subsequent downturn has rapidly impacted social media marketing. The cost of the ads is going up, and with tighter budgets, marketers can’t rely on only ads. This year and beyond, we set out to see how much employee advocacy can help marketing teams reach their goals while respecting their tighter budgets and lighter teams.

Backed by data from 100+ customers across 15+ industries and 11,405+ social posts, the State of Employee Advocacy 2022 Report tracks down the types of most shared, engaged and talked about social posts shared by employees on LinkedIn.

This report will share our findings on the State of Employee Advocacy:

  • What industries are driving the most reach on social media using employee advocacy?
  • How much of an impact does each employee have on social media?
  • What types of companies and industries drive the most ROI from employee advocacy?
  • Which content types drive the most impact?


By reading this report, you’ll understand what types of content resonates within your industry and what will boost engagement.