Transform Employees on Social into Thriving Brand Advocates

Transform Employees on Social into Thriving Brand Advocates

About this Guide:

Today’s marketers know that employee advocacy is the go-to vehicle for breaking through to increasingly skeptical audiences.

However, bridging the gap between a thriving program and employees who aren’t fully comfortable on social isn’t easy. For many of your team members, the expectation to regularly share content is new and unfamiliar territory.

To get employees on board with your advocacy efforts, you need to provide tools and resources that empower them to thrive on social media. This includes branding assets, relevant and interesting content, and ongoing support and encouragement to keep engaging.

This eBook is for marketers who want to onboard employees on social media both to kickstart their advocacy efforts and to drive long-term program adoption and scale.

You will learn to:

  • Rethink Your Social Media Policy
  • Gather Engaging Content
  • Showcase the Benefits of Content to Employees
  • Setup Your Employees for Success