How VTS Amplifies Branded Content Through Employee Advocacy

Daniel Ku

Organizations that are front and center on social media can reach their audience more easily than most. VTS had this “aha moment” after realizing their employees possessed incredibly robust social networks. Each employee was an untapped source to amplify the VTS branded content.

VTS launched an employee advocacy program to amplify their branded content. They’ve learned valuable lessons through their experience – both challenges and successes. These lessons shaped their employee advocacy and content strategy.

During this webinar, Katie Higgins, Director of PR and Content and Julia Woodward, Content Marketing Manager, discuss how to enable employees to amplify their brand message with employee advocacy.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How to get leadership buy-in for advocacy
  • Strategy and tips for driving employee adoption
  • Lessons, challenges and successes learned from launching an employee advocacy program

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