Value of Employee Advocacy in the Enterprise

Value of Employee Advocacy in the Enterprise

Email blasts, intranets, newsletters – these are all excellent ways to get your corporate vision out to employees, but then what? How do you know if employees are engaging with that content? Or is this content that they even care about?

Enterprise communications need to be brought into the digital era. And this doesn’t just mean making your corporate content available online. Think of how you receive news and information outside of work – it’s mobile, social, and visual.

So why hasn’t this been applied at work?

Employees are accustomed to receiving information on-demand and at their fingertips. Imagine what this type of transformation could do for your workplace.

This ebook breaks down all of the benefits that employee advocacy has for sales, marketing, and HR. If you’re wondering how to improve the flow of communication in your organization, this guide will be extremely helpful.

With this guide, you will:

  • Learn about the changing landscape of communication
  • Learn about the challenges at the core of employee advocacy
  • Learn about communications solutions that can solve employee engagement challenges in the enterprise