10 Steps to Content Marketing ROI with Michael Brenner [Webinar]

Content marketing, like social media marketing, has reached a point of maturity. The good ol’ days of being one of the only brands making waves in online publishing are long, long gone. Now it seems that every brand manages a blog, publishes eBooks, creates infographics, produces videos…yeah, it’s a LOT of content.

And for many content creators, we still look at certain metrics (like website traffic) to prove that our content is doing what it should. For the most part, if our impressions, share count, or website traffic is increasing, that means our content is doing something right…right?

Well, now we’re being faced with that age old question – what’s the ROI?

How does your content demonstrate true business value for your company?

The good news is: there are ways to prove that your content is resulting in actual dollars for your business.

The not-so-good news: those metrics mentioned above won’t be enough (on their own) to prove it.

Demonstrating Content Marketing ROI

Michael Brenner has been at the forefront of content marketing for several years now. From his time as VP of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP to Co-authoring The Content Formula, he’s seen the evolution of content marketing first hand.

I’ve had the chance to ask Michael a few questions in the past. We had a great chat about where content marketing is headed, and I was left thinking that there’s a huge opportunity for brands that choose to approach content as an extension of their overall business, not just a subset of the marketing department. This is what will set world-class brands apart.

No surprise that we’ve always been huge followers of Michael’s advice. That’s why we’re so, so excited to share this with you.

The Content Formula – 10 Steps to Content Marketing ROI will leave you with tons of actionable advice for proving the business value of your content. If you’d like to learn…

  • How to build the business case for content marketing
  • Where to find the budget to establish a new content marketing program
  • Steps to measure content marketing ROI success in business terms.
  • 10 actual calculations you can use to show real content marketing ROI

…then you won’t want to miss this one!


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