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Natalie Slyman

Natalie Slyman

Upcoming Webinar: “How To Create Relevant Content Your Sales Team Can Use”

Sales plays a large role in the success of any company. When your sales team is killing it, your company is feeling the positive effects. You can hire more people, and you’re generating more revenue. It’s a pretty great feeling.

But when your sales team is struggling, or at a loss for what they could be doing to create more of an edge in their processes, it usually means it’s time to start looking at what they aren’t doing.

According to Small Business Trends, 80 percent of content created by marketing is not being used by their sales teams. This stat represents a huge missed opportunity that can be the key to solving the issue of underperformance and lack of conversions. It also further supports the idea that bringing your marketing and sales teams together is of the utmost importance.

On Jan. 24, Brittni Kinney, VP at Influence & Co., and Daniel Ku, Director of Marketing at PostBeyond, will dive into aligning your sales and marketing teams in the content creation process and discuss ways that you can do so. They’ll also touch on:

  • The why behind sales and marketing alignment
  • Specific ways you can bring the two departments together
  • Steps for getting your sales team to share and use content effectively

If your sales team is feeling the struggles of underperformance, or if you just want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to arm your sales team effectively, join us for this exciting webinar!

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