The Ultimate List of Employee Advocacy Benchmarks [Infographic]


Daniel Ku

In the past year, the data scientists at PostBeyond have gathered metrics to uncover what the top benchmarks are for an effective employee advocacy program. Our team of data scientists reviewed:

  • 350,000 total shares
  • 125,000 pieces of content (both branded and 3rd party content)
  • 120 employee advocacy programs
  • 70,000 employees
  • 10 countries

What’s great about benchmarking is that it answers the question, “how does our employee advocacy program performance compare with companies like ours?” That’s how the Customer Benchmark Report for Employee Advocacy was born. It started with the need of our own customers and hopefully, these benchmarks will be of value to you as you launch or scale your program. We carefully looked at the data through a meticulous lens on key metrics such as social media reach, likes, shares, comments, engagement to employee adoption, content update frequency and even content suggestions.

In the infographic below, we narrowed down the top benchmarks for an employee advocacy program. Take a look at adoption metrics per industry, total shares as well as the average engagement per industry. This infographic will also provide an inside look into what best-in-class truly looks like for employee advocacy.


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