11 Steps To Enterprise Social Media Advocacy [Guide]

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PostBeyond Marketing

According to Altimeter Group, social media education is a top priority for companies. However, there’s a huge knowledge gap where employees are not comfortable sharing content to their personal social networks (mostly because they’re scared that what they’re saying is not OK).

On top of that, most companies DO NOT have a formal social media education program in place. In order to retain employees and invest in their professional development in today’s world, you need to invest in training and new skills through technology.

Employee Engagement & Advocacy programs and platforms help with the on-going training and habit forming of day-to-day social media use, while building the thought leadership of your employees and achieving your strategic business goals.

But starting this kind of program is a very strategic initiative that requires collaboration across departments, and an aspect of change management in your enterprise. So a lot of managers who are tasked with launching a program don’t always know where to start.

First off, HR and Marketing need to work together to make the program successful. You also need to work with legal to establish or update your enterprise social media policy and ethics. The program needs to adhere to legal.

But what happens after that? Well, we put this handy resource together to guide you through setting up a strategic implementation for enterprise social media advocacy.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to set business objectives for your employee advocacy program
  • How to brand your program to maximize user adoption
  • What content you should add to your library
  • How to track your objectives and what KPIs to pay attention to
  • How to keep your employees engaged throughout the length of the program
  • How to scale the program to thousands of employees across multiple departments
  • How to choose your management team for the program
  • What workflows you should establish to make the program run smoothly
  • How to communicate the program to your employees
  • How to launch your employee advocacy program
  • How to expand the program over time

05Remember when you’re looking at technology vendors for your program, evaluate their implementation plan and strategy, not just features. Most competitors in this space have a similar set of features. The success of your program will depend on how strongly it is implemented from the start.

Employee Advocacy is a strategic initiative that ties multiple stakeholders together, in one program and platform. If you aren’t looking at starting a program for your enterprise in the next year, you should re-consider.

With an employee social media program, you can showcase your culture and employer brand, improve brand health, increase lead generation, find better sources for talent, improve efficiencies in work and communications, and have an on-going investment in employee knowledge.

So go ahead, download this guide, and take a look! There are a few helpful checklists in there too! Let us know what you think.

Do you have a formal social media plan in place? Does your company use an employee advocacy software? Is it on your radar for the next year? Please leave a comment below and share with your colleagues.

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