Upcoming Webinar: Lessons From An Employee Advocacy Trailblazer


Daniel Ku

There’s no question that employee advocacy has completely shifted how companies engage their audience on social media, especially in the last five years. In our new webinar, Andrew Racine, Sr. Director of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing at Turbonomic, talks about the essential steps to launch a company-wide employee advocacy program.

Given his successes at Turbonomic, Andrew is an expert in turning the marketing function into a driving force for the company and for consistently engaging employees to share branded content with their social networks.

As more organizations turn to employee advocacy and social selling technologies, many marketing leaders are tasked with understanding what the necessary steps are to get started. Learn about the Turbonomic journey with Andrew, he’ll provide actionable tips on how employee advocacy helped make their marketing team a driving force for the company.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Key steps for launching a company-wide employee advocacy program.

For a fast-growing company, every new employee presents an additional marketing channel. Understand how to enroll current and new employees into an advocacy program. Learn how to empower employees to start sharing content on social media to boost brand reach.

Actionable tips on for sustaining high engagement with employees.

Consistently engaging employees to share content can be a tough ask. Learn how to engage the entire workforce for employee advocacy and how to sustain high adoption levels throughout a program.

How to get leadership and employee buy-in for employee advocacy.

From employees to executives, it can be a challenge to get alignment with everyone on a new initiative such as employee advocacy. Find a solution that can satisfy the needs of the organization and most importantly for the employees. Andrew will walkthrough how Turbonomic took a bottom-up approach to create groundswell and how to get buy-in from a CMO.

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