Elevating Employee Advocacy: Unlock The Power of PostBeyond AI + Influitive Rewards

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate communication and employee advocacy, businesses must empower their employees to share their stories while removing barriers that stand in their way.

When amplifying a brand’s reach via their employee’s networks, two big challenges emerge: 

  1. How do you facilitate genuine, diverse, and engaging messages while adhering to a consistent brand narrative? 
  2. How do you keep employees engaged and motivated to share new content? 

In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper dive into how PostBeyond’s newest capabilities can take your social media strategy to the next level. Whether you’re looking to scale content creation, encourage organic sharing of your messaging, or simply make your platform more fun and engaging, these latest innovations have got you covered!

AI-Powered Social Media Content Creation

One of Influitive’s most exciting product updates is the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) to help PostBeyond users effortlessly create relevant, high-quality content. Once set up, this new “AI copilot” understands your company, industry, target audience, brand voice and goals. 

Add your brand’s industry, goal, audience and brand voice to hyper-target your AI-powered captions

You can also select which AI model you want to use, choosing between the faster and more lightweight GPT-3.5 Turbo or the more advanced GPT-4, depending on your preferences.

Creating new posts is as simple as adding a content URL and clicking “Generate”. PostBeyond will automatically scrape the page, pull out images and other assets, and leverage the AI to generate a custom caption, instantly. Your employees can even create tailored versions for each social network. These variations adhere to the character limits and echo the communication styles found on each network.


Seamlessly generate captions that are optimized for each social channel

This automation takes the hard work out of content creation, while still allowing you to maintain full control. You can tweak the AI-generated posts as needed, change the tone or messaging, and ensure brand alignment before sharing.

Users can choose a tone or set of tones to better tailor their message

For marketers overwhelmed with the demands of frequently posting quality content across multiple social platforms, this AI assistance can be a total game changer. AI allows you to scale content creation for employee social sharing in a way that wasn’t humanly possible before. With a tool like PostBeyond handling the heavy lifting, you’re freed up to focus on high-level strategy rather than getting bogged down in execution.


Empowering Employees to Amplify Your Brand 

Social media marketers aren’t the only ones creating content for social media, employees need to do it too! That’s why we’re also bringing our expanded AI capabilities to your whole team. Now, any employee can access the power of AI directly.

Employees can easily customize their AI Copilot, by providing details about their role and goals. When a user goes to share a post, they can create a personalized variation of the post’s caption, tailored to them and their needs. This makes it effortless for every employee to amplify a unified message without sounding the exact same as their peers. 

Tell PostBeyond AI what you’re looking to achieve and the rest is magic!

Giving employees access to user-friendly AI helps break down barriers to social media participation. It saves them time and mental effort while still allowing them to share content that represents their unique perspective.

With AI assistance, employee advocates can become a scalable force, supporting your social media initiatives and wider marketing goals. More participation means more content shared via your PostBeyond environment, ensuring compliance with regulations and your brand guidelines.

As always, AI-generated content still requires human review. The difference now is the technology handles the heavy lifting while users provide the finishing touches. This balance allows you to tap into the power of AI safely and effectively.


Motivating Participation with Rewards

We’re also pleased to announce that PostBeyond has added a slick new rewards store, integrated with the Influitive platform, to incentivize employees to share social content.

Bring Influitive’s flexible, hyper-targeted rewards catalog into your PostBeyond program.

A points-based reward system taps into user psychology and motivates desired behaviors. In this case, we’re encouraging members to share and suggest new content for the program.

PostBeyond’s flexible rewards catalog lets you offer different perks tailored to various interests or roles. For example, you may include:

  • Popular gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora, etc.
  • Swag or branded merchandise (hoodies, hats, shirts)
  • Wellness incentives like discounts on yoga or meditation apps 
  • The latest tech gadgets and accessories
  • Donations to charities of their choice
  • Peer recognition like digital badges or shoutouts

The options are extensive thanks to PostBeyond’s integration with leading rewards partners. As employees rack up points for social sharing, they can browse rewards catalogs tailored to their interests and redeem earned points for coveted perks.

Integrate directly with Tango, Sendoso or Reachdesk to automate your rewards fulfillment process

Watching their points balance grow over time gives users a sense of progress and motivates more participation. It also helps form habits where sharing socially on behalf of the brand becomes second nature.

Rewards give users a sense of excitement and fun while fulfilling the dual goal of increasing reach and engagement for your content. With PostBeyond’s user-friendly platform already lowering participation barriers, the addition of rewards provides even more reasons for users to log in and share.

Strategic Implications

Stepping back, we can see how PostBeyond’s latest feature updates have wide-reaching implications for social media marketers. Introducing both AI and a rewards integration are strategic moves to help users overcome the two biggest challenges of social media management:

  1. Content Creation at Scale
  2. Participation & Adoption Across the Organization

AI alleviates the burden of content generation, helping you reach larger audiences with higher frequency and quality. Rewards solve participation challenges by encouraging organic amplification from a broader pool of employees.

Together, these capabilities allow for true social media management at scale. They open up new possibilities for extending reach and maximizing the ROI of your social efforts.

Instead of social media being siloed within marketing teams, it can now be embraced enterprise-wide as a tool for achieving business goals. Marketing provides the guardrails, strategy, and content, while AI does the heavy lifting and rewards incentivize employees to amplify your messages and announcements.

This clears the way for marketers to focus on big-picture strategy and engagement while ensuring messaging aligns with brand and campaign objectives.


Conclusion and Next Steps

The latest feature updates from PostBeyond are game-changing when it comes to streamlining processes, reducing workload, and unlocking the full potential of social media for your organization. 

AI assistance and strategic incentives open up new possibilities for reaching wider audiences, connecting with customers, driving conversions, building brand loyalty and more.

The world of social media moves fast, but tools like PostBeyond allow you to move faster while staying laser-focused. Partnering with the right social media management platform provides peace of mind that you can scale while also maintaining full control over branding and messaging.

Don’t leave the power of your social channels untapped. Get a demo and see how PostBeyond makes social work for you and sign up for a full-feature 30-day trial.

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