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September 21, 2016News, Product Updates

How do you know if your corporate content is actually resonating with your workforce? It can sometimes feel like screaming into a void. In fact, this is such a challenge for enterprises that 60% of communications professionals don’t measure their internal comms efforts.

That’s HUGE! There are tons of messages being sent out to your employees that may or may not be effective, and the lack of insight makes it harder to pinpoint what’s working. But we’re here to make that job easier.

Our newest feature, Reader, will give PostBeyond program managers the insight they’re looking for.

Introducing Reader

Reader allows employees to consume content from within the PostBeyond content hub. Rather than opening a new website tab and taking employees to a third party site, employees can consume the piece of content in the same window. Reader is available on both desktop and mobile.


The progress bar at the top of the page indicates how much of the article is left to read, and users can customize the font size and colour to best suit their needs. Pretty neat, right?

And it gets better.

Making content available on Reader is really intuitive. When program managers are creating content, they’ll see a little box that says “Enable this post for reader” – tick that, and PostBeyond pulls all of the text, links, and images from the original into a textbox.


Insights from Reader

From the Manager View, program managers can track a number of analytics on individual pieces of content, including:

  • Which users have read the content
  • The average time spent reading the content
  • The number of repeat reads
  • The number of desktop vs. mobile views
  • Average read progress

This is great for those employees who aren’t big on social sharing but still use PostBeyond to keep up with company news. It will allow program managers to see that even if employees aren’t sharing the content externally, they’re still consuming it.


These metrics are invaluable when creating a content strategy for employees! Knowing the reading habits of your workforce is critical in determining the best way to reach them.

We’d love to hear from you on this. How are you measuring what content works for your employees? What tactics have you found to be successful? Let me know in the comments, or get in touch with me on Twitter.


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