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November 10, 2016News, PR

2016 has been a year of remarkable growth for us. In addition to doubling our team, we’ve raised 4.75M in Series A funding, and we’ve added some fantastic new features for our customers. It’s been one of our most exciting years yet, and we consider ourselves incredibly humbled by the growth we’ve experienced.

The support we’ve received from our customers and the broader tech community is what carried us to where we are now. And today, we’re pleased to announce that we are the recipients of additional support from some of Canada’s most distinguished programs for emerging enterprise technology.

The Lazaridis Institute Scale-Up Program

PostBeyond has been selected as one of ten Canadian technology companies for the inaugural Lazaridis Institute Scale-Up program.

The Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises was created to support growth-oriented Canadian technology companies. Developed through investments by Mike Lazaridis (founder of Blackberry) and the Government of Ontario, the Lazaridis Institute helps current and emerging technology firms to scale rapidly into globally competitive enterprises.

PostBeyond has many of the key qualities we were looking for when selecting our final 10 companies for the Scale-Up Program. They have the ambition and work ethic to be a great leader in the Canadian tech ecosystem, and they’re showing continuous growth in their revenue and employee numbers. We have no doubt they will succeed in the program and reach even greater milestones in their growth trajectory.

– Carlo Chiarello, CEO of The Lazaridis Institute


In addition to growing our operations within Canada, we’re looking forward to working with the Canadian Technology Accelerator in the United Kingdom (CTA@UK). The CTA program, led by the High Commission of Canada in the UK, supports Canadian companies looking to expand into the UK and wider European market.

The CTA program provides high-growth enterprises access to resources, including mentorship from industry leaders and CTA partners, as well as enhanced support from the Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service.  Acceptance into this program will enable PostBeyond to establish operations on the ground in the UK, allowing wider access to both customers and partners.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator is a program dedicated to providing expansion opportunities for high-growth, market ready Canadian companies. PostBeyond has demonstrated that they have the product and the skills necessary to take part in this exciting program and we look forward to seeing them flourish in London’s booming technology and commerce hub.

–  High Commissioner Janice Charette

48 Hours in the Alley

Hosted by the Consulate General of Canada in New York, the 48 Hours in the Alley program provides high-growth Canadian companies a chance to become fully immersed in the New York City technology ecosystem and meet with key contacts. The program includes 2 full days of workshops, panel discussions, a pitch practice and a mini “Shark Tank” event, which allows companies to pitch to a panel of New York VCs and industry leaders.

With an existing customer base in the United States, we anticipate that 48 Hours in the Alley will assist with expansion opportunities in the Eastern US market.

Acceptance to these programs marks a significant milestone for the PostBeyond team. We’ve planted our roots in Toronto with the opening of our new office, but now we’re ready to scale globally. The opportunities granted by the Lazaridis Institute, the Canadian Technology Accelerator, and the Consulate General will prove immensely valuable for our team and for our customers, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.

PostBeyond Team Toronto

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