Establishing A Clear Social Media Policy Helps Employees Share [Guide]

One way to get employees to share more is to blatantly tell them to. Yah, no kidding, right?!

Your organization should have a clear social media policy or guideline in place that’s designed for employees to share and interact on social. If you make it a part of the company, employees will know that you’re encouraging social media communications.

But a lot of enterprises don’t know where to start. We created this guide to help you determine what you should consider when creating a social media policy. It even comes with a checklist at the end!

Learn about the different parts you need in a social media policy:

  • Provide an introduction your enterprise’s policy
  • Explain the purpose of social media usage at work
  • Define what social media means for your enterprise
  • Protect your company and customer information
  • Best practices on how to represent the company
  • Reminder of copyrights and fair use
  • The company’s ethical standards
  • Examples of what to say and what not to say
  • General guidelines on social media etiquette

10This resource was created as a guideline of what to think about for your enterprise social media policy, and is as no means a template or legal advice.

One thing to remember with social media policies – make sure you’re empowering employees. You don’t want the policy to be so strict and full of lawyer jargon that it will discourage them to participate.

A social media policy is meant to protect your company, your employees, and your customers.

So go ahead, download now, and take a look! Don’t forget to go through the checklist, and let us know what you think!

Do you have a social media policy established for your enterprise? Do you have guidelines for employees to use social media at work? Please leave a comment below and share with your colleagues!

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