Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram

The lifestyles of celebrities are always a hot topic of conversation, especially when it comes to their social media platforms. These platforms offer us an insight into their lives beyond what we see on TV.

Instagram in particular is one of the most popular platforms across the globe for die-hard fans and inquisitive onlookers to soak up the lives of the rich and famous. The app celebrated its tenth birthday last year and has grown exponentially ever since. In fact,  the social giant now sees up to 1.16 billion active monthly users.

When it comes to the following of these celebrity profiles, the sheer size of the community is hard to envision. The graphic below helps you put these vast follower bases into perspective by comparing them to the population of countries around the world.

Most followed celebrities on Instagram


We used seedlists of the top most followed celebrities to inform our listed selection. We then compared these to the population of countries around the world to find an equivalent value.


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