The Rise of Social Media Acquisitions


Which social media sites are leading the way with the most acquisitions and investments?

Acquisitions and investments in social media sites jumped from an average of $10 billion in 2009, to a staggering $35 billion in 2016 –¬† a massive jump in just 7 years. With prices continuing to grow, what will 2021 bring for social media investments and acquisitions?

Google and Facebook are leading the way with the most acquisitions and investments, with an additional 32 companies between them, and investing over $1 billion each.¬†Within the data, there are also instances where a non-social media company has acquired a social media company – such as Groupon and ‘Glassmap’, a social network and communication platform for friends to coordinate meetings and hangouts.

Take a look at the graphic below, highlighting the acquisitions and investments that social media giants have been making over the last 22 years, as well as the social media giants that are getting bigger, and for what price.

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An infographic that shows the number of social media acquisitions.

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