How Content Created Brand Alignment at TheRedPin

PostBeyond offers a great tool and an even better follow-through service. I’ve enjoyed the journey with them in the past several months and am looking forward to getting more of our team members on their platform.

– Rokham Fard, Co-Founder & CMO, TheRedPin

Realtors are busy, busy people. Between home showings, open houses, and client appointments, they barely get any desk time. Add in managing your own personal/professional social media profiles, and now you’re playing on hard mode.

And yet, online presence is a key part of a realtor’s job in 2016. Agents are tasked with maintaining a professional brand on their social pages, or else they risk not being found by potential clients.

This is the exact challenge TheRedPin, Canada’s largest online real estate brokerage, was facing.

Their team of agents are no strangers to social media, but TheRedPin wanted to help them by providing them with compelling content to share. They wanted a streamlined and easy way to help their agents develop their personal brand.

PostBeyond helped TheRedPin create a centralized content library that enabled their agents and their marketing team to stay up-to-date and become more efficient. Here’s how:

About TheRedPin

TheRedPin isn’t an average real estate brokerage. Their agents are focused on educating and informing – not selling. Their customer satisfaction rate of 95% shows just how eager TheRedPin agents are to go above and beyond for anyone interested in learning about the real estate market.

In addition to this, TheRedPin is one of the only brokerages focused on using technology to help during the buying process. They have the largest database of residential listings in their areas of operation, some of the most detailed possible home listings online, and tons of informative, interactive content for home buyers and sellers. They are by far the most technologically savvy brokerage in Canada.


Their agents are well-versed in the world of social media and brand building. Some even have their own professional Facebook pages to manage. But this doesn’t always mean that everyone is keeping up-to-date with industry news in the same way. In fact – when you have a group that’s constantly working offsite – it seldom results in a cohesive message.

Rokham Fard, Co-Founder and CMO at TheRedPin, understood the value that content can bring to an organization and its employees. He knew that his employees, by nature, are personally invested in what they do, and take opportunities to set themselves apart in the industry. But most of all, TheRedPin knew their agents wanted to be at the top of their game online while committing to the minimal amount of time. 4-5 hours of searching for and scheduling content was just not an option for them.


The ideal solution for TheRedPin was to have a centralized content library that, above all else, was accessible on the go. It needed to provide realtors with the latest updates from TheRedPin, as well as the Canadian housing and condo market. It needed to…

  • Be available across multiple devices
  • Be regularly updated with fresh content
  • Have scheduling capabilities to key networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

And, because realtors are typically not afraid of friendly competition, a leaderboard never hurts either.

For Rokham and Marketing Communications Manager, Hyder, the solution also needed to provide key analytics insights. Sharing to social media is beneficial for the individual, but TheRedPin’s marketing team wanted real, measurable results for the company.

Data was another big part of it. We wanted to look at analytics on the go. We wanted it to be in one place – and we didn’t want to develop it ourselves. We wanted it to be easy and streamlined.

– Hyder Owainati, Marketing Communications Manager

Why PostBeyond?

TheRedPin had tried many different solutions to get their agents engaged, including a company-wide email encouraging agents to share news about TheRedPin on their personal social networks.

TheRedPin found that PostBeyond offered exactly what they were looking for: accessible content, efficient processes for sharing, and real-time insight into ROI.

At first, TheRedPin selected a small number of agents to participate in a 3-month pilot. The adoption rate among these agents was 90% – all of whom were counted as active users, meaning they didn’t abandon the platform after signing up. Hyder managed the program’s pilot and populated the content library with 20-30% TheRedPin content (blog posts, press releases, etc.) and the remaining content related to the real estate industry.

Agents loved it!

Rokham and Hyder realized that one of the most valuable things about implementing the platform was the time saved on social media training. There are tons of tools out there that can manage social media or create a suggested content stream, but none quite offered the habit-changing results that PostBeyond did.

TheRedPin went ahead with a wide launch that included in-person training from PostBeyond’s Customer Success team. In just over an hour, PostBeyond introduced the platform to agents and showed them how to connect their profiles, share content, and schedule content for the future.

Just like that, agents were eager to start sharing, saving both time and money for TheRedPin.

Since Implementing PostBeyond

The results for TheRedPin have been incredible. The marketing team has seen a platform adoption rate of 70% – which is very high for a wide rollout – and have noticed a huge increase in online engagement.

Further than engagement, though, PostBeyond has given TheRedPin agents an opportunity to develop their brand in a measurable and efficient way.

Agents would previously take 2-3 hours per week to source content from different outlets and schedule it to their networks (or, for those agents who weren’t using a scheduling tool – even longer.) This task now takes 10 minutes using PostBeyond and helps them look great on the go.

Agents are changing their social media habits in a way that benefits their own brand and TheRedPin’s brand simultaneously.

When you engage your staff, the brand is no longer centralized at headquarters and there’s more than a social media team involved – everybody is involved. Everyone taps into their own personal network of people, so the value of the brand grows exponentially.

Every employee feels a lot more involved with the brand value and the purpose that they’re fighting for, so they feel a stronger reason to be engaged and a stronger fulfillment when it comes to their day-to-day activities.

– Rokham Fard, Co-Founder & CMO

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