Why Mobile Matters for Employee Advocacy

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood

Thinking about starting an Employee Advocacy program? You have determined that Employee Advocacy can help you reach a broader audience with a trusted and authentic message. Now, the next step is to think about how to put an effective program in place, including content, processes, and software.

What are the key things you should consider when looking at Employee Advocacy platforms?

Employee Advocacy Software should:

  • Give admins powerful and secure tools for managing content and users
  • Track the program performance and display it in clear reports
  • Allow your employees to easily find and share the content that is relevant to them

In addition to all these features, I am sure you are picturing a software platform with a solid User Experience and User Interface design that is intuitive and easy to follow but is it mobile friendly? As of January 2018, some 61 percent of users in North America accessed social media via mobile. With the rise of mobile use, you need to broaden your thinking and make sure this is a key feature of an Employee Advocacy platform.

Social Media and Mobile

Social media is inherently mobile. When people are checking their Facebook feed or seeing what is trending on Twitter, more often than not they are doing this on their mobile device. A recent ComScore report found that 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile. For that reason alone, you will want to make sure that whatever Employee Advocacy software platform you implement will provide your employees with the ability to find, view and share content on a mobile device. When you launch an Employee Advocacy program, your employees are most likely expecting a mobile experience, in which they’ll ask– “is there an app for that?”

In my role as Director of Product, I am constantly speaking to our users about PostBeyond. Many of our power users rave about the ability to share content from our mobile app. They love that they can make use of those short moments in the day (morning commute between meetings, etc.). They find it is an easy and convenient way to build and maintain their social presence.

The Need for Instantaneous Content

Having a mobile app for Employee Advocacy is also important for those on your team creating content. Some of the most important content in your content library will be posts and pictures from live events. It is vital to get this time-sensitive content into the hands of your users so they can share it right away.

Earlier in 2018, we added the ability for content creators and admins to create new posts within the mobile app. No longer do users have to wait to get back to the office to get content from an event into the hands of your employee advocates. A first-hand example of this is when my colleagues attended the EyeforTravel Digital Summit Conference earlier this year. You can read about their use of the PostBeyond mobile app here.

Tying into Mobile Apps

Our phones have a lot of apps and give us multiple ways to communicate with each other. For your Employee Advocacy program, this is another avenue to expand the reach of your message. The PostBeyond mobile app includes a native sharing option which allows users to share content via the apps on their phone. This can open up a range of possibilities – one user might share a thought leadership piece with a group on WhatsApp while another user might send your latest blog post to a contact via text.

As you move forward with your Employee Advocacy program there will be many questions you will need to answer and plans you will need to put in place. By ensuring that you think about why mobile matters at the beginning you can make sure that you have checked one important item off your list.

Learn more about the PostBeyond software platform and see a demo of our mobile capabilities.

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