How A Multinational Bank Enables Employee Advocacy

Industry Financial Services

Location Canada

Company Size 37,000+

Over 45 days
2,000 +

Employees Sharing


Pieces of Content Shared


Earned Media Value

The Challenge

How does an organization with over 37,000 employees spread across the country keep its workforce informed, excited, and engaged for a large-scale national event?

For this customer, the answer was clear: embrace the latest technology to give employees an easy way to share their excitement. The solution needed to be accessible on mobile, integrate with familiar social networks and provide a content-rich experience for employees. Implementing a program of this kind would be an innovative way to unite employees around a global sporting event, and would be the first program of this scale for a Canadian bank.

The Solution

The organization partnered with PostBeyond in order to deliver a modern content experience to their workforce.

The PostBeyond platform allowed employees across the country to access content related to the upcoming event at any time, and share with their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks. The company engaged its staff by curating engaging content, adding interactive games, and offering exciting prizes. In addition to sharing content individually, employees were grouped into teams to play against one another for a chance to win NHL tickets

We saw this program as an innovative way to integrate new technologies into how we communicate with our employees across the country. The enthusiasm we saw from our team reinforced our decision to embrace technology and social media in this way.

The Results

The company was the most mentioned brand online during the large-scale event they used PostBeyond to prepare for.

Employees embraced the program with enthusiasm, with over 2,000 employees joining the platform in just two weeks. The PostBeyond content hub quickly became the preferred way to reach employees.

Over 45 days, employees shared over 24,500 pieces of branded content with their friends and family. Because the content hub was so intuitive for employees, this customer plans to continue using PostBeyond to engage employees and share exciting news about the company and their upcoming community initiatives.

PostBeyond employee advocacy

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