5 Simple Ways to Amplify Your Brand’s Content


Daniel Ku

Creating informative, valuable content – from blog posts and infographics to ebooks and guides – for your niche audience and promoting it heavily to them is necessary to build a strong brand identity.

While you and your marketing team are largely responsible for developing your organization’s marketing collateral, it shouldn’t be entirely on you to promote those assets strategically online. There are others, both in and out of your organization, you can leverage to help with that.

With that in mind, here are five effective techniques for promoting your brand’s content online – tactics that can help you gain more credibility for and awareness of your business.

1. Experiment with guest blogging

You already know it’s essential to craft content for your website, but don’t forget to think outside the box regarding where you can share your content – or, at least, modified versions of it.

Develop partnerships with blogs, publications, and/or other related brands (not competitors, of course) in your space by offering to publish guest posts on their sites. For instance, consider taking an existing blog post or grabbing a chapter from a recently published ebook you can repurpose into a new article to be published on a partner’s site – one that links back to your original content.

Not only can this guarantee an influx of new visitors to your own site, it can help get the word out about your brand to individuals who may not have known much (or anything) about you.

2. Engage micro-influencers

You may be familiar with the concept of influencer marketing: leveraging individuals with a large online following to help one’s own digital strategy. However, a less costly (and, oftentimes, more effective) way you can increase brand recognition is by working with micro-influencers.

These individuals (some of whom may be colleagues) may not have millions of followers. However, their audiences are typically highly engaged with their digital presence. As a result, their promotion of your content is likely to have an impact with their audience – which, in turn, becomes your audience.

3. Be authentic across social media

The worst kind of brand is a blasé brand: those that don’t inspire actions from their audiences or even keep them around long enough to finish a brief blog post. To avoid this reputation, ensure your company exhibits its unique persona through humor and playfulness in your content – especially on social media.

An engaging, personable brand voice can be achieved even when sharing “serious” content meant to bolster brand awareness and earn new site visitors. For instance, incorporate (appropriate) pop culture trends or even use GIFs or memes in your messaging to promoting these assets on social.

Gaining impressions, fans, and followers on social is certainly important – but so too is keeping your following engaged and coming back for more. The best way to do this is to be as relatable and authentic as possible.

4. Develop a modern linking strategy

Regularly check on frequently visited older content on your site, and update links where you see fit (e.g., ones with links that lead to 404 pages or dated/irrelevant content).

Also, add in links to newly published downloadable content in related blog posts from months or years past. This can provide your previously published pages a search ranking boost and ensure your new assets gain even more traction (see: visits and conversions).
Another approach to consider is getting your best-performing content highlighted elsewhere online. Similar to guest blogging, a link-building strategy offers you a means to feature your posts and pages on reputable, high-traffic sites across the web – something that can greatly help your traffic goals.

5. Engage in a co-marketing partnership

If you want to go one step further, think about ramping up your co-marketing efforts. Contact a handful of organizations that conduct in your space to request co-hosted webinars or co-created guides. These similar brands may help you tap into an entirely new audience who have yet to be introduced to your business.

A mutually beneficial partnership with a likewise company in your industry can have a long-lasting, positive impact on your organization.

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