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Evan Lewis

Evan Lewis

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the new PostBeyond Content Library. The new Content Library is designed to make it even easier to discover, read and share content – we’ve taken inspiration from your favorite content and social platforms like Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram to deliver an experience that your users will love.

How We Got Here…

Over the past year, we’ve been working to deeply understand how our users use PostBeyond, what they value, and what their pain points are. We conducted 50+ user interviews, dug into NPS scores and feedback, and came up with two core themes to build upon:

1) Maintaining (and Improving) Ease of Use

We know that ease of use is incredibly important to our customers at PostBeyond. With the new Content Library, our goal was to add new functionality for end users while maintaining the simplicity of the experience.

Find your favorite content on the Feed

Each user has the ability to customize the Feed, their new homepage within the PostBeyond platform. This concept is similar to Facebook and Instagram in that your Feed consists of content sourced from Topics you are following.

Discover new content on the Explore page

The Explore page shows all of the posts available to a user, with filters and sorting capabilities that allow you to drill down to find specific types of posts. This concept is very similar to the current PostBeyond Content Library – the endless scroll design ensures that the user can browse and share for as long as they like.

Browse easier, share more

When searching for a post to share, we want to ensure that the Content Library is as scannable as possible. Users will notice a few design changes that make the browsing experience easier on the eyes:

  1. Topic rows on the Feed: The Netflix-style Topic rows on the Feed allow users to quickly scan the latest posts from Topics they are interested in.
  2. Simplified Content Cards: We have reduced the amount of text that is displayed on a Content Card, focusing the user’s attention on the post title. We are also displaying the post’s Topic and source on the card so the user can quickly judge whether or not they want to read or share the post.
  3. Single Post View: Users now have the ability to see an expanded view of each post in Single Post View. This pop-up experience enables users to engage with a post in a multitude of ways all within one view: read, like, share, bookmark, comment, or go to the source link.

2) Providing a Personalized Experience

PostBeyond users want to be able to personalize their experience in the platform. This is a consistent piece of feedback we have heard which we addressed in the new Content Library a few ways:

Follow Topics

Topics (formerly Categories) are used to organize content in PostBeyond. With the new Content Library, we are introducing the ability for users to follow and unfollow Topics. Topics that a user is following will appear in their Topics menu and on their Feed.

Customize your Feed

On the new Manage Topics page, users are able to set the order that Topics appear on their Feed. This ensures that each user will be able to access their favorite posts quickly and efficiently.

Bookmark posts

Users will now be able to Bookmark posts to read and share later. This is another helpful layer of personalization that allows users to curate a library of their favorite posts, which will be synced and accessible on any device.

Where We’re Headed…

At PostBeyond, our vision is to unlock the potential for influence within everyone. We aim to achieve this by enabling our users to intelligently share content with their trusted networks to drive measurable business results. In order to align with our vision, our platform will be evolving in 2019 to introduce new capabilities to intelligently serve up the most impactful content to the user at the right time. We believe the new Content Library gives us a strong foundation to build upon as we push forward with this focus on intelligence in the months to come.

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