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Lauren Durfy

Heading to EyeforTravel Digital Summit 2018 in San Francisco? Join PostBeyond and The Travel Corporation as we discuss how travel companies – like TTC – can amplify their global brand through employee advocacy.

It is not groundbreaking news that social media has drastically changed how people consume content and make purchasing decisions. And nowhere is this more evident than in the travel and tourism industry.

Brick and mortar stores, travel agents, and guidebooks have given way to real-time, crowdsourced information found online and on social platforms. With 55 percent of people liking Facebook pages related to the trip they’re planning and 97% of Millennial travelers posting their travel photos, travel marketing has gone social.

Social media has essentially become a vacation research hub that is already saturated with both branded and user-generated content. With an overwhelming amount of choices and travel information being shared on social, travel brands need to differentiate to gain attention and drive sales. Social advocacy (aka employee advocacy) has become the differentiating factor for many travel brands including TTC.

Employee advocacy leverages your staff’s network to help promote company branded content on social. Messages shared through employees reach further and garner implicit trust from those inside their network (and extended networks). With 52 percent of those surveyed saying their friend’s photos inspired their travel plans, the power of employee advocacy is gaining momentum.

PostBeyond is an employee advocacy platform that allows travel companies to amplify their brand, spark social conversations, drive social selling and track attribution.

At EyeforTravel, Evan Lewis, Director of Product Marketing for PostBeyond and Dan Christin, Chief Digital Officer for TTC will cover how changes in buying behavior impact the travel and tourism industry and showcase how TTC is innovating and leading in employee advocacy strategy.

The session will cover:

  • How The Travel Corporation brand generated over 450,000 content interactions and $1M in earned media value through their employees
  • How travel companies alike can empower team members to showcase amazing travel experiences their guests are having in real-time
  • How employee advocacy can help showcase your company culture, talent, and expertise

If you’re in San Francisco and looking to attend the EyeforTravel Digital Summit, attend our session. Here are the details:

Session: Day 2 – Marketing: Content Marketing, Social Media, & Data Strategies
Date: Tuesday, April 20th, 2:10 pm PT

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