Gender Split – Top 100 Instagram Influencers In The World

Being able to sell on social media has become a real avenue for businesses. This report investigates the gender split and pay gap for the most followed accounts on Instagram, looking at the top 100 influencers for each category.

Take a look at the report below to see who is earning more money being an Instagram influencer and which category has the best gender split.

Take a look at these charts to see the gender split within the top influencers on Instagram. The second chart shows their average earnings per post, split by gender.

We reveal the gender split within the different categories for influencers as well as analyzing how much content is provided by big brands.

Ever wondered how much influencers get paid to share content? Scroll down to see which categories can get influencers earning the most per post.

Infographic that reveals the gender split between the top 100 Instagram influencers worldwide.

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