Space per Employee – What’s Your Personal Space?

When the world starts to return to their offices, many workers may feel that their desks are that bit too close to those of their colleagues – and some office spaces may feel much more compact than others, depending on the number of employees compared with the size of the office.

As many people all around the world have adjusted to working from home over the last year, here at PostBeyond we’ve analyzed the space of 20 social media and tech company HQs and their employee count to reveal just how much space each employee has.

Which company has the most space per employee?

Huawei has the most space per employee, with 717 sq ft per employee. With over 30,000 employees, and an HQ and campus over a staggering 21 million sq ft in size, the mobile phone company is the perfect place if you’re looking for some space by yourself.

Apple and Samsung come in second and third place for the most space per employee.

Apple, with 12,000 employees in their 7.6 million sq ft HQ, have 635 sq ft per employee, and

Samsung boasts a 1.1 million sq ft HQ – with only 2,000 employees, each of them have a spacious 550 sq ft each.

What company has the biggest HQ?

Huawei has the largest HQ out of the 20 companies analyzed – a stunning 21.5 million sq ft of campus space for their 30,000 employees. For some perspective, 21 million sq ft is the equivalent of 41 football fields.

Microsoft has the second largest HQ, with a square footage of 8 million for the 53,000 employees that work there. For almost double the amount of employees, Microsoft has 62% less space than Huawei – meaning the space per employee is 149 sq ft compared to Huawei’s 717 sq ft per employee.

Snap Inc. has the smallest HQ of companies analyzed, with just 9,500 sq for their 2,000 employees meaning the space per employee is just 4.75 sq ft.

How much space is enough space?

It’s typically said that office workers should have between 80-100 sq ft of office space each, with around 50 sq ft for their equipment, and the remaining 30-50 sq ft to be for storage space and communal areas.

So which companies have this recommended amount of space per employee?

Airbnb has exactly 100 sq ft of space (9.29 sq meters) per employee meaning that there is an appropriate amount of space for the workers.

On the other hand, however, Adobe, Accenture and Snap Inc, all have less than 50 sq ft available per employee, meaning their offices are a little more on the compact side. Adobe has 43 sq ft, Accenture has 33.24 sq ft and Snap Inc. has just 4.75 sq ft per employee.

Social distancing approved

An impressive 19 out of the 20 social media companies analyzed have ample room to execute social distancing at their headquarters. From Accenture with 3.09 sq meters for each employee, to Huawei with an astounding 66 sq meters per employee each of these HQs will be safe to work in during these uncertain times.

The table below highlights the top twenty companies with the most space per employee:

How does this compare to how much space you have in your office?


We used various public data sources to find the top tech HQ employee numbers, as well as company HQ space. The HQ ‘floor area/space’ was then divided by company employee count to give us space per employee. Figures have been rounded and some figures are approximate. For companies that had HQ campuses, the size of the entire campus was used.


You can find the data here.

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