Recruit & Train Employees

Attract and engage top talent with employee advocacy.

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Strengthen your employer brand

PostBeyond’s content library helps employees showcase your workplace culture on social media.

  • Enable all employees to share job postings and company photos with their networks
  • Provide easy access to company news and training materials
  • Improve communications with analytics on content consumption and engagement
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Attract and retain top talent

Your employees are the megaphone that your recruiters have been waiting for.

Use PostBeyond to promote your employer brand and establish your company as a world-class employer.

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Employer Branding New Hire Recruiting

“It’s an easy way to send out timely and relevant content to your social networks, which positively impacts visibility and credibility. Perfect for recruiters.”

– Kari, Executive Recruiter

Hire effectively with employee referrals

Employee referrals are the fastest and most cost effective way to attract candidates that fit your culture.

PostBeyond helps you leverage the power of employees on social media to expand your talent referral network.

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Employer brand referrals

69% of applicants are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand.

– Glassdoor

Intuitive employee training

Get new employees trained quickly by centralizing onboarding materials and must-see documents.

PostBeyond makes it easy to organize and share content across your organization, helping to break down silos and create transparency.

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Employer Branding - Training materials

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