Recruit & Train Employees

Craft an employer branding strategy using social channels to attract, retain and onboard top talent. Decrease recruiting costs, entice millennial talent, and earn valuable employee endorsements.

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Strengthen Your Employer Brand

PostBeyond’s centralized content library allows employees to access company materials and share workplace culture externally.

Offer employees access to centralized onboarding and training material
Improve employee relations with analytics on content consumption and social sharing
Ensure fast deployment and adoption with our Customer Success team

PostBeyond helped TIBCO Software reduce its training costs by 50%

Attract and Retain
Top Talent

Attract and retain top industry talent by establishing a strong employer brand and a reputation as the desirable place to work.

PostBeyond increases employee engagement, strengthens employee relations, and multiplies your social reach to top talent through authentic employee advocacy.

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“It’s an easy way to send out timely and relevant content to your social networks, which positively impacts visibility and credibility. Perfect for recruiters.”

– Kari, Executive Recruiter

Hire Effectively with Employee Referrals

Attract candidates that fit your culture and who are more likely to stay with a quicker hiring process and decreased recruiting costs.

PostBeyond leverages the power of employees’ social channels, allowing them to easily share job postings and endorsements to their networks, thereby expanding the reach of your employer brand.

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Intuitive Employee Training

Align employees around new processes and updates keeping them informed, involved and productive.

PostBeyond facilitates information sharing so that your employees can access onboarding and training materials as well as company communications, cultivating a silo-free culture of trust and loyalty.

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69% of applicants are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand.

– Glassdoor

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