How BCD Travel Builds Buzz and Empowers Sales

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About BCD Travel

BCD Travel is a top 5 global travel company and a leading provider of global corporate travel management. Headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, BCD operates in 108 countries, with US$24.6 billion USD in total sales for 2016 and a combined worldwide workforce of 13,000.

The Backstory

BCD has a large, distributed customer-facing workforce in sales and account management. As social media has become a more integral part of customer interactions, BCD looked for ways to activate their global teams on social. With sales cycles that can span 12-24 months, they needed their sales team to leverage channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to stay top of mind with their buyers and showcase BCD’s expertise in corporate travel.

When BCD and PostBeyond first connected, BCD was in the midst of revamping their website and content marketing strategy. As they looked to engage their employees to amplify their content and drive traffic to their website, they encountered the following challenges:

1) Difficult Workflows:

“We would put all of our content into a Word Doc or an Excel spreadsheet. Employees would then have to copy and paste it to share, and frankly, they didn’t. Also with teams across EMEA, Latin America, we had no oversight into the global content strategy.” – Suzanne Kosmerl, Director of Digital Marketing

2) Employee Hesitations on Social Media:

Two common pieces of feedback that the BCD team heard were, “I don’t know what to say” and “I don’t have time.” BCD has varying demographics amongst their sales team and they were struggling to get their employees leveled up on how to use social media for business.

3) Tracking Engagement:

For employees that were already sharing content, BCD had little oversight into how far their messages were reaching and whether or not they were staying on-brand. They wanted to make sure their teams were sharing the most up-to-date material and advocating for BCD in a brand-approved fashion.

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Enter BCD Buzz, Powered by PostBeyond

PostBeyond and BCD collaborated to design an employee advocacy program called “BCD Buzz.” Before the platform launch, the PostBeyond team hosted Social Media 101 workshops for each region to get their sales teams comfortable with social networks and best practices. That was followed by BCD Buzz platform training customized for each region. Once up and running, PostBeyond assisted with getting BCD employees involved in promoting BCD’s marketing campaigns and showcasing the company’s presence at their major annual conference, GBTA.

BCD Buzz

“PostBeyond was instrumental in amplifying our major hotel engagement marketing campaign of 2017. We filled BCD Buzz with campaign content and featured new posts every week. The platform really helped the program get off the ground and get our team engaged with the messaging.”
Suzanne Kosmerl
Director of Marketing

Program Results

User Engagement

BCD has consistently been a top performing PostBeyond customer when it comes to user engagement. One main reason for this is the positioning of the program internally; access to BCD Buzz is more of a privilege than a right. Users are hand-selected to be a part of the program and are encouraged to participate as much as possible. If they do not use their account on a regular basis, they are removed from the program. This exclusivity keeps the program tightly knit and ensures that BCD is maximizing their return on investment.

Content Curation

One of the keys to BCD’s success is making sure the program is a two-way street. Employees are encouraged to regularly suggest content through the platform. This helps administrators stay on top of industry trends and keep a pulse check on what their advocates want to read/share.

“PostBeyond really helps with content generation and informs our content strategy. With the 'Suggestions' feature, I have 180 other eyes to help me find content, articles to share, infographics, videos, etc. A lot of the content that our advocates find, I wouldn't have been able to find myself.”
Brandy Wilson
Global Marketing & Communications Manager

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Content Amplification

BCD has seen tremendous results with employee advocacy thus far. In the first 10 months of the program, BCD Buzz has generated more than 17,000 shares of content, resulting in 100,000+ interactions (clicks, likes, comments, re-shares) and $243,000 of Earned Media. This represents more than a 10x return on their pilot program investment.

What’s Coming Up

  • Year 2 will be focused on program growth and optimization. PostBeyond and BCD have designed a 9-part BCD Buzz training package that will be rolled out throughout the year.
  • BCD is targeting new program users in HR and Account Management.
  • BCD and PostBeyond teams are collaborating on deeper revenue attribution by connecting PostBeyond to Pardot and Salesforce.

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