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February 7, 2018

[Research Report] Social Advocacy in the Workplace

Marketing teams have been implementing social media strategies for several years, but in 2018 employee advocacy will become a priority for most marketing teams. Employee advocacy helps companies amplify reach by promoting their branded content through their employees’ social channels. Leading teams who’ve embraced this technology are discovering the benefits of enabling social participation in the company mission. To understand…
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May 8, 2017

What Kind of Content do Employees Care About?

What does it take for a piece of content to really stand out to you? Personalization is usually the top answer. An email that seems like it was tailored just for you is more likely to grab your attention, entice you to click, or (if the content is good enough), maybe even share with a colleague. How much of the content you receive from…
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August 18, 2016

What’s the Value of Employee Advocacy in the Enterprise?

To say that the workplace is changing is a bit of an understatement. Millennials now make up over half of the global workforce, and they come with a very different set of expectations from their employer. Many enterprises have embraced the idea digital transformation, but still operate on outdated communications techniques.a Your vision might be inspiring, but if this messaging…
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August 17, 2016

How to Overcome Employee Communication Challenges at the Enterprise

Top talent looks for a work environment that is set-up to help them succeed. What can you do to offer them the experience they’re looking for, while also driving value to the bottom line? An astounding $7.5B/year is lost to ineffective business applications. Yet 81% of employees seek technology to help connect more efficiently with their peers in the workplace.…
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August 16, 2016

6 Ways Enterprises Are Missing Out Without Employee Advocacy

According to Weber Shandwick, 50% of employees share content about their employer on social media from time to time. Whether you like it or not, employees use social networks to foster relationships, both personally and professionally. Leading enterprises recognize the value of employees using social networks, and formalize programs to encourage sharing corporate content to personal social networks. But why…
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August 4, 2016

10 Proven Formulas to Demonstrate Content Marketing ROI

How do you measure the business value of your content? It’s a question many marketers have been struggling with over the past few years. We’ve previously looked at shares, engagement, time spent on page (which are all important in their own right), but how can we demonstrate real ROI? Fortunately, there are real calculations you can use that prove your…
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July 25, 2016

What’s the Future of Content Marketing?

Enterprises have realized that great content is no longer optional for a successful marketing strategy. In fact, some enterprise companies (like Marriott) have taken this to a new level by creating in-house news and content studios. And according to research by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 76% of marketers surveyed said they planned to produce more content in 2016, in…
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June 1, 2016

Top 10 Employee Advocacy Use Cases

What’s the benefit of having a centralized content library for employees and stakeholders? Is it enabling teams to share content to social media and increasing awareness? Or is it strengthening internal communications? Maybe it’s helping your sales team generate more leads and close deals? ...yes, yes, and yes. It turns out that employee advocacy platforms offer a number of use…
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February 29, 2016

How To Get Employee Advocacy Buy-In at Your Enterprise

One of the most common occurrences we encounter when we’re speaking with prospects is that they don't know how to get employee advocacy buy-in from executives. And you know what? It’s completely justified. It can be a bit daunting bringing a completely new concept to the table and feeling unprepared to answer the tough questions. Scratch that - it’s totally…
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February 18, 2016

45 Statistics That Prove the Need for an Employee Advocacy Program

Employee advocacy is a top priority for many leading enterprises today. Organizations that recognize the need to engage their workforce are the ones who succeed. It’s an essential step in modernizing your enterprise, and if you aren’t considering it, you risk being left behind. But where’s the proof? Since we’re data-driven here at PostBeyond, we’ve decided to compile a list…
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