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Social advocacy in the workplace
Employee Advocacy
January 17, 2018

2018: The Year of Social Advocacy in the Workplace

Primary research shows how harnessing your employees’ respective networks through social advocacy drive greater visibility for the company. Employee advocacy has grown significantly as a strategic business tool in the past few years. According to Golfdale Consulting, recent research found that interest in employee advocacy amongst companies has grown 191% since 2014. Numerous industries such as Professional Services, Financial Services,…
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August 16, 2017

Social Selling: Gain & Retain Clients on Social Media

Think of all of the ads you see on social media when scrolling through your feed. Sometimes they’re relevant, sometimes they aren’t (lookin’ at you, ads I keep seeing for out-of-my-price-range mattresses.) We’ve all been there. But how different is it when you see a connection share a genuine suggestion for a product or service? You’re way more likely to…
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Digital Transformation
June 23, 2017

When Digital Employee Communications is No Longer a “Nice-to-Have”

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a company-wide email gets delivered and nobody reads it, did you even press “send”? People groan when describing how communications falls on deaf ears at their organization. There’s enthusiasm for fixing it but ultimately, competing priorities relegates this to a “nice-to-have”…
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Digital TransformationNews
March 14, 2017

2017: Year of the Employee Experience

Customer experience. Customer journey mapping. Customer advocacy. Over the past decade, there has been a huge - and sorely needed - shift to focus on the customer versus the product and services that a company is trying to peddle. This is all to the good. But the problem is that with this relentless focus on the customer, there is an…
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NewsPB Internal
January 25, 2017

What You Need to Know About #SocialSelling, Courtesy of #SalesTO

The first #SalesTO of 2017 was definitely one for the books. The PostBeyond team was out in full force to see our fearless VP of Global Sales,use Chad McCaffrey, share some insight into one of our favourite trends - Social Selling. The panel, hosted by Kenny Goldman of, was chock-full of advice for 175 sales professionals looking to improve…
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Content MarketingNewsWebinars
July 15, 2016

10 Steps to Content Marketing ROI with Michael Brenner [Webinar]

Content marketing, like social media marketing, has reached a point of maturity. The good ol’ days of being one of the only brands making waves in online publishing are long, long gone. Now it seems that every brand manages a blog, publishes eBooks, creates infographics, produces videos...yeah, it’s a LOT of content. And for many content creators, we still look…
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Digital Transformation
June 13, 2016

5 Questions on Digital Transformation with Brian Solis

Back in April, we attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. Aside from the amazing food and beautiful scenery, we had the pleasure of taking in some really fantastic keynotes. One of our favourites, hands down, was Brian Solis. Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company. He is also an award-winning author, prominent blogger/writer,…
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Employee AdvocacyNews
April 19, 2016

8 Step OPPOSITE Framework For Enterprise Digital Transformation

Remember when the internet was called “the world wide web” or “cyberspace?” It seems like so long ago! So long ago, in fact, that we can laugh at those terms now. They’ve almost become misnomers at this point. I’m now wondering whether we’ll be saying the same about “digital” in a year’s time. Some experts would argue that “digital” as…
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January 4, 2016

A Revealing Look at the Impact of Enterprise Silos

For years I worked in siloed environments. I’m sure we all have. But back then, I’m not sure we really knew what “silo” meant. We do now. I looked up this definitiontoday: a horizontal container, or tower, often cylindrical in shape a strengthened underground position in which missile systems are sited for protection against attack By definition, then, silos are not…
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