The Candidate Experience Starts With Your Employees

Daniel Ku

For most companies, the ability to attract, engage and hire top talent is the backbone for company growth and acts as a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, attracting top talent is easier said than done, especially since most companies aren’t top employers like Facebook, Google or Bain.

In today’s job market, there are more job openings available than candidates to fill them. Meaning, there are more choices for where top talent can work so companies need to put their best foot forward and impress candidates looking for opportunities.

Getting your employer brand out there amongst a sea of competitors who are looking for the same talent can be quite challenging. However, in the past several years, there has been a shift in the way companies recruit.

According to Glassdoor, 86% of job applicants are using social media for their job search. Social media has presented a relatively uncharted territory for Human Resources, Communications and Brand leaders as they can now engage candidates where they are spending their time online.

But as more and more companies use social media, how else can companies sit at the same table of employment as leading brands?

Brands like Starbucks have looked internally to their own employees to help them source talent. By allowing employees to share branded content through social media, it can enhance the candidate experience by providing an authentic lens into company culture. As the saying goes, good people know good people. When attracting top talent in today’s social world, your employees can become a driving force for amplifying your employer brand.

Today’s socially-savvy, digitally-connected and mobile-enabled candidates are reading reviews on websites researching on social media and most importantly, they’re also tapping into their networks for open opportunities. Allowing your trusted employees to engage on social media can help bridge the gap between potential candidates and your next hire.

Attracting top talent is the backbone for company growth and employer branding plays a critical role. Using social media for employer branding can help you showcase your organization in a more authentic and engaging way. By enabling your employees to get in front of candidates on social media, they can provide a helping hand in improving the candidate experience.

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