How One Global Consulting Firm Became The Industry Leader In Share of Voice

Industry Pharmaceutical

Location USA

Company Size 15,000+

Program Results

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About This Company

This company is a global leader in services, research and consulting with over 19,000 employees across 84 facilities in over 50 countries.

The Backstory

This company’s workforce is full of industry experts – world-class consultants and researchers with strong personal brands and amazing knowledge to share. Despite working in a highly regulated space, they saw the opportunity to engage these experts to communicate company news with the market in a trusted manner. As they began investigating employee advocacy, they had to overcome a few key challenges:

1) Social Media Compliance:

In the beginning, employee advocacy was a scary proposition for this company. Their business deals with highly sensitive information, with many legal concerns and contracts in the hundreds of millions. Not surprisingly, executives were hesitant to let their people speak on behalf of the brand.

2) Competing with Larger Industry Players with Bigger Budgets:

This company plays in an industry where major competitors have marketing and brand budgets that are 10 to 100x larger than their own. They needed to compete on three main metrics: industry share of voice, engagement, and sentiment. Given their smaller budgets, they recognized that their employees could be a secret weapon to drive organic results to improve their overall metrics.

Enter the Social Hub, Powered by PostBeyond

PostBeyond worked with this company on an initial pilot program, which then scaled further across the organization in year two. Using the PostBeyond platform, employees were able to share pre-built, pre-approved messages with one-click to their social networks. The platform’s simplicity, compliance capabilities, and branded email digests were standout features that helped this company overcome their hesitations around employee advocacy.

Program Results

advocacy stats consulting firm

Share of Voice

In this industry, finding or running great conferences and networking events are important for strengthening customer relationships and driving new business. At their most high profile annual conference, this company wanted their brand to stand out. They looked to their employee advocates for support and leveraged PostBeyond to help them drive share of voice on social:

We were at #2 in our market space when we started. Last year using PostBeyond, we earned #1 in share of voice, #1 in engagement, and #1 in sentiment. This is the Triple Crown of social media and we hit it using PostBeyond.
Mark A.
Director, Digital Communications

Content Amplification

The results this company has seen with employee advocacy are some of the most impressive of any PostBeyond customer. In a 12 month timeframe, they had over 21,000 content shares and generated over $575,000 in Earned Media Value. The conversations and brand awareness sparked by their employees helped them overcome the challenges of smaller budgets. Using social listening technology, they were able to measure their improved standing in the market:

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