What’s the Value of Employee Advocacy in the Enterprise?

To say that the workplace is changing is a bit of an understatement.

Millennials now make up over half of the global workforce, and they come with a very different set of expectations from their employer. Many enterprises have embraced the idea digital transformation, but still operate on outdated communications techniques.a

Your vision might be inspiring, but if this messaging isn’t being disseminated properly, the vision gets lost and employees become disengaged.

Email blasts, intranets, newsletters – these are all excellent ways to get the message out there, but then what? How do you know if your employees are engaging with it? Or is this even the content that they care about?

Enterprise communications need to be brought into the digital era. This doesn’t simply mean making your corporate content available online. Think of how you receive news and information – it’s visual, social, and mobile.

So why hasn’t this been applied to corporate content?

Your employees are accustomed to receiving information on-demand and at their fingertips. Imagine what this type of transformation could do for your enterprise.

You might think that your employees just aren’t interested in engaging with your content, but fortunately, there’s evidence to suggest that employees want to be involved. Recent research has found that:

  • One in five employees (21%) is estimated to be an employee advocate, and another 33% have high potential to be employee advocates. – Weber Shandwick & KRC Research
    • 50% post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employer.
    • 39% have shared praise or positive comments online about their employer.
    • 33% post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employer without any encouragement from the employer.
  • Interest in employee advocacy has grown 191% since 2013, with 45% of respondents naming it a top external objective. – Altimeter Group
  • Almost 86% of employees participating in an employee advocacy program credited their involvement on social media as having a positive impact on their career.03

We’ve put together a resource that explores how employee advocacy programs and modern content dissemination strategies offer value across the enterprise.

This ebook breaks down all of the benefits that employee advocacy has for sales, marketing, and HR. If you’re wondering how to improve the flow of communication at your enterprise, this guide will be extremely helpful.

Download What’s the Value of Employee Advocacy in the Enterprise? to learn how a millennial content experience can improve your overall business objectives.


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