PostBeyond Made It To The 2020 List of Best Workplaces™ for Mental Wellness

PostBeyond is proud to announce that our organization has been named on the 2020 list of Best Workplaces for Mental Wellness.

At PostBeyond, we recognize that mental wellness influences everything we do in our daily lives. It impacts how we think, feel and behave both in our professional and personal lives.

In the past several months, we have been reminded of how important mental wellness is. First, the COVID-19 pandemic causing social distancing and grief for the lives lost. And now recently, the appalling death of George Floyd has brought forth the experience of systemic racism for the Black community. Both have emotionally affected many, including our own employees.

During uncertain and challenging times, the absence of mental wellness can lead to many personal illnesses. We have been reminded of the importance of mental health because of George Floyd’s death and the consequences that have followed. Racism, hate and injustice are all emotionally daunting and mentally taxing experiences to endure. We recognize the difficult challenges that many of the Black community have faced and how it impacts mental wellness. To support our employees’ mental wellness also means we need to support the causes they stand for as well. This is why we’re proud to stand by the Black community. We understand the importance of mental wellness and how it can impact anyone and everyone.

Mental wellness doesn’t see colour.
Mental wellness doesn’t see race.
Mental wellness doesn’t see gender.
Mental wellness doesn’t see age.

At PostBeyond, we have many dedicated resources to support our employee’s mental wellness such as Lifeworks, EQ Care, virtual social gatherings, and even daily online workouts. Most importantly, we work together to improve the mental wellness of every single employee because we are a community.

Having strong mental wellness doesn’t mean we will never go through difficult times or experience emotional problems. Instead, it means that you can go through adversity, stress and anxiety and remain resilient. At PostBeyond, this means we go through adversity as a team by supporting the mental wellness of our employees.

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