How Growth Companies Boost Their Employer Branding

Competition for top talent is fierce. Instead of chasing recruits, savvy organizations are taking to social media to attract talent and cast a wider net by activating a hidden power other organizations ignore. Companies like Starbucks, Randstad, Marriott, and HubSpot have all used this largely untapped resource to leverage astounding results.

What do these growth-minded brands do differently? Have they all taken a page from some secret playbook? Yes, they do something different, but no, it’s not some hidden secret.

Here’s exactly what they do: They empower their current employees on social networks, which improves their brand amplification and expands their network of candidates. All by putting their existing employee resources to better use.

There are a lot of reasons social media recruitment may be worth considering for your company. Research shows that there’s a significant impact social media has on how companies attract and engage top talent.

  • According to Glassdoor, 86% of job applicants are using social media for their job search.
  • Companies with employee engagement programs achieve 26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, compared those who do not have formal programs.

We could keep going, but instead, let’s take a quick look at how it all works, and how to make a strong social media advocacy program work for your company.

What is Employer Branding?

Let’s start with the concept of employer branding. When someone is applying for a job at your company, what’s the first thing they’ll likely do? The answer is they’ll probably Google you, and look you up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. It’s the online job seeker’s version of due diligence. And it’s up to you to make sure they like what they find. If you haven’t been paying attention to what you look like to prospective employees online, now’s the time to check your online profile. It’s pretty important that prospective employees like what they find out about you on social networks.

According to Entrepreneur, “It’s essential for businesses to do their best in keeping their social media profiles top-notch. Otherwise, the new-age employees who are neck deep in social media will not find them appealing.” It’s not just a few people who feel this way, or a minority of job recruits who might judge your company this way. Research shows the overwhelming majority of job seekers care about a company’s social media activity.

69% of applicants will not take a job, even if they are currently unemployed if the company has a bad reputation,” according to recent research. By empowering your employees to share the right kind of content on social media, you can help ensure new recruits see the type of social media content that will have them knocking on your door. Not the kind of social media content that would prevent candidates from ever considering or accepting a job offer.

Unleash Employee Advocacy on Social Media Networks

When employees share content, it gets reshared on social networks, on average, 24 times more often. What makes your employees potential super-sharers? Perhaps because it’s more personal to hear straight from people who work at a company. Unless someone truly believes in their company, they’re probably not going to want to be a cheerleader for them. That credibility resonates.

Empower Employees to Tap their Social Networks to Find New Hires

It’s always great to get personal referrals to help you find new hires. Each one of your employees is connected to hundreds, if not thousands of prospects through their networks and extended networks. If you have talented people working for you, the best place to find more talented people is through them. Encouraging employees to share job opportunities on social networks is a fun, frictionless way of driving referrals.

So, now that you know employee advocacy could be the best thing to ever happen to your recruitment program, how do you get started?

Many will begin with basic campaigns such as sending out internal e-blasts with social share buttons. While these types of campaigns are a great starting point, they will not provide a long term, scalable program that is needed to see true results.

This is where technology comes into play. Employee advocacy software creates an entire online content library that gives clear direction and guidelines for your employees. Employees can easily post the content needed to drive top recruits to your doorstep. Plus, KPIs and engagement metrics will be tracked automatically. Employing technology allows you to easily track what content works and what doesn’t.

Get the Tools to Make It Happen

Attracting top talent is always a challenge, especially if you’re still doing it the old fashioned way with one-to-one outreach through recruiters. Creating a distinctive brand reputation is akin to an outbound marketing campaign that helps you bring the best talent to your doorstep. If you’d like to get results similar to Starbucks and Randstad, it’s all about empowering your employees on social media. Give them the tools to trumpet your message and use them to reach the best new recruits.

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