Why Employee Advocacy Goes Beyond Marketing


Lauren Durfy

Calling All Frontline Staff!

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” This same analogy can be used when it comes to running a successful employee advocacy program. If Marketing is the only department singing your organization’s praises on social, it makes for a very one-note campaign. When multiple teams band together and share out consistent brand messages (and industry content) the strength and cohesion of your brand become more of a composition.

Here are the three main reasons why all frontline employees should participate in your social advocacy program:

More Social Networks, More Reach

This is a big benefit for your employee advocacy program as a whole. The more employees promoting branded content or engaging with their employee advocacy platform, the greater and more diversified the reach will be. It is simple math! If you have only 50 employees in marketing but 300 customer-facing employees (across Communications, Sales, Product, and Account Management) the potential reach of your branded content will increase substantially.

Diversified Perspectives & Benefits

The most knowledgeable people about an organization are often its employees. Engaged customer-facing employees are often the most enthusiastic about the brand and are therefore extremely well suited to engage with the public because they are both knowledgeable and bought-into the organization’s product and/or service.

Marketer’s generally network with other marketing professionals. Same goes for Customer Success, Sales, etc. If you want your brand’s message to reach all different types of people then you need those same personas in your employee advocacy program.

When pitching employee advocacy to departments other than marketing, it is important to showcase how their participation not only affects the brand but also what’s in it for them as a customer-facing employee:

Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand

  • Employee assistance in the recruitment process
  • Easy way to share and share out employer branding content
  • Employees can assist in the content creation process (suggesting content to the platform)

Communications and Public Relations

  • Employees promoting the company helps to humanize the brand
  • Easily share PR wins with other departments
  • Added traffic and impressions to company announcements
  • Helps to create a more cohesive external brand (everyone sharing similar content and messaging)

Customer Success and Support

  • One content repository for sharing external resources
  • Easy access to internal resources and customer guides

Sales and Business Development

  • Simplification of social selling
  • Click to share content that has been pre-approved
  • One repository for all sales enablement pieces
  • Analytics on content performance

Benefits for All

  • More insight into the company and different departments
  • Interesting industry content served right to you
  • Increased thought leadership potential
  • Easy way to build an online network
  • Chance to win prizes/awards

Added Buy-In

As adoption grows, so do the benefits. If other departments and individuals have insight into Marketing’s Advocacy Program and its successes then they will be much more likely to get behind the program and help secure buy-in to further roll out the program to other departments, offices, and regions.

According to the most recent Edelman survey, 55% of the general population employees say they look to their employer to be a trustworthy source of information. By leveraging employee advocacy, you provide more insight into your organization’s goings-on and vision. This creates a trusted relationship and creates more buy-in, both for the advocacy program and with the organization as a whole.

Employee advocacy has both internal and external benefits, but it needs to cross departmental lines in order to be truly effective. Looking to roll out your advocacy program to your entire customer facing team? Start with Episode 1 of our Launch to Scale for Employee Advocacy Video Series.



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