How to Stand Out in an Ad Saturated Market

Lauren Durfy

Customers are constantly being barraged with targeted online ads and sales pitches. As consumers, we’ve become skilled at tuning out messages — especially messages we feel are “salesy.”

It can be hard for organizations to get their branded messages in front of their target audiences and have them actually pay attention. With 91% of B2B buyers active on social media and 75% of those heavily influenced by social posts, these networks have become a key way to reach and engage with potential customers.

Social media marketing has grown and had many adaptations over the last few years. Every marketer already knows organic reach on social is trending downward, but if your ad spend isn’t as robust as your competitors, how do you get your messages in front of your social customers?

Employee advocacy can provide this opportunity. Leveraging the network, reach and trust of your employees, it allows you to promote your brand messages to your target audience in a more authentic (and organic) way.

We often overlook employees as marketing influencers, but they have the potential to be your strongest marketing asset. Our primary research found, 70% of adults online reported trusting recommendations from friends and family, but only 15% trusted companies’ social media posts.

Ignite Passionate Employees on Social Media

Drift is a great example of how employees can help to elevate and promote their company brand. They have a strong brand image and passionate employees. Leveraging this, they implemented an employee advocacy program to help harness these passionate voices and amplify their brand messaging. In the first 30 days, they drove nearly 1,000 shares and 10K content interactions, including 6,290 clicks. To get this kind of engagement through ads would have required a massive budget many marketing departments just don’t have.

Outperform the Competition

Not only is employee advocacy a great way to increase brand awareness, it also gives organizations in competitive markets a much-needed edge. A perfect example is one of our clients. They are a global consulting firm who adopted employee advocacy with the goal to outperform their competitors. In 12 months, their program generated over 21,000 content shares and $575,000 in Earned Media Value. Through employee advocacy, they became the industry leader in share of voice.

Employee Advocacy Done Right

According to Hinge Marketing, 79% of firms surveyed reported more online visibility after implementation of a formal employee advocacy program. Sixty-five percent reported increased brand recognition. When done right, employee advocacy gives marketing departments a unique channel to promote branded messages in a more authentic way that encourages engagement and resonates with customers.

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